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AGATE Tones & strengthens body/mind/spirit, imparts a sense of strength & courage

ALEXANDRITE Soothes nervous system. Aligns mental &  emotional body. Chakra: crown

AMAZONITE Brings joy & upliftment. Creative express- sion. Chakra: throat

AMBER Healing, soothing, harmonizing. Intellect. Chakras: navel, solar plexus, crown

AMETHYST Enhances psychic abilities. Excellent for meditation. Chakras: third eye, crown

AQUAMARINE Calms nerves. Purifies the body. Enhances clarity of mind, aids creative self-expression. exc. for meditation. Chakras: throat,solar pl.

AVENTURINE Aids in releasing anxiety & fear. Tranquility & positive energy. Chakra: heart

AZURITE Facilitates clear meditation. Enhances psychic abilities & creativity. Chakra: throat

BLOODSTONE Stimulates movement of kundalini. Inner guidance, idealism. Chakras: root, heart

CALCITE Reduces stress. Emotionally balancing. grounding. Works with all chakras.

CARNELIAN Enhances attunement w/ inner self. Facilitates concentration. Chakras: navel, heart

CELESTITE Reduces stress. Relaxing peace of mind. Aids personal creative expression. Chakra: throat

CHRYSOCOLLA Power, communication, joy, emotional balance. Chakras: throat, heart

CHRYSOPRASE Fertility, calming, balancing. Brings out inner talents. Chakra: heart

CITRINE Enhances body's healing energy. Raises self- esteem. Hope. Chakras: navel, crown

COPPER Helps detoxify body. Raises self-esteem.

DIAMOND Master healer. Dispels negativity. Purifies body. Abundance, faithfulness. Chakra: all

DIOPTASE Peace of mind. Abundance, prosperity, wellbeing, health, progress. Chakra: heart

EMERALD Enhances dreams, meditation, deeper spiritual insight. Chakras: heart, solar plexus

FLUORITE Grounds excess energy. Greater concentration, meditation. Works with all chakras

GARNET Harmonizes the forces of the kundalini. Love, compassion, imagination. Chakras: root,heart

GOLD Attracts positive energy into aura. Chakras: navel, heart, crown

HEMATITE Dispels negativity. Grounding. Protection.

HERKIMER Enhances inner vision. Increases dream

DIAMOND awareness. Chakras: all

JADE Emotional balancer. Radiates divine, unconditional love. Wisdom, courage.

JASPER Powerful healer. Chakras: all

KUNZITE Aids in healing depression. Enhances self-esteem. Soothing. Chakra: heart

KYANITE Enhances communication, expression, astral travel. Chakra: throat, 3rd eye

LAPIS LAZULI Opening of chakras. Enhances psychic abilities, mental clarities. Chakras: third eye, throat

LEPIDOLITE Aids sleep. Enhances expression of one's inner light& joy. Chakra: heart

MALACHITE Aids sleep. Brings in abundance & prosperity, chakras: heart, solar plexus

METEORITE Helps reveal past lives. Expands awareness. chakra: root

MOLDAVITE Aids alignment w/ Higher Self. Chakra: heart

MOONSTONE Aids birthing process, female problems. Aligns emotions. Chakra: heart

OBSIDIAN Grounds spiritual energy. Absorbs & dispels negativity. Chakra: root

ONYX Balancing male/female energies. Relieves stress. Self control. Chakras: works w/all

OPAL Emotional balancer. Enhances intuition, chakras: heart & others (depending on stone)

PERIDOT Purifies body. Increases intuitive awareness stimulates mind. Chakras: navel, heart,plexus

PYRITE Influences a positive outlook on life. harmony. Chakras: root,heart,solar plexus

QUARTZ Dispels negativity. Stimulates energy. Ex CRYSTAL cellent for meditation. Chakras: all

RHODOCHROSITE Heals emotional wounds. Acceptance of self & life. Healer. Chakras: root, heart

RHODONITE Brings love into action & manifestation. Self - esteem & confidence. Chakra: root, heart

ROSE QUARTZ Aids development of love, forgiveness and compassion. "Love Stone". Chakra: heart

RUBY Activates movement on all levels. Courage, power, leadership. Chakra: root, heart

RUTILATED Eases depression. Enhances communication

QUARTZ w/ Higher Self & Spirit Guides. Chakras:all

SAPPHIRE Stimulates psychic abilities. Creative expression, loyalty, love. Chakras: 3rd eye, throat

SELENITE Aids power of concentration & clarity. enhances willpower. Chakra: crown

SILVER Relates to the moon, subconscious, female aspect. Excellent energy conductor.

SMOKY Aids depression. Relaxation & calmness.

QUARTZ Grounding, centering. Chakras: root, navel

SODALITE Brings clarity & truth. Enhances communi- cation & expression. Chakras: 3rd eye, throat

SUGILITE Emotional balancer, reduces stress. Protects,Exc. for meditation. Chakras: 3rd eye, crown

TIGER EYE Good Luck Stone. Enhances clear perception & insight. Chakras: navel, solar plexus

TOPAZ Emotional balance. Soothing, peace, tranquility. Chakras: heart, throat, 3rd eye

TOURMALINA-Grounding, balancing. Protection. Dispels

TED QUARTZ negativity. Chakras: crown, root

TOURMALINE Protection. Concentration, inspiration. Various colors will activate corr. Chakras

TURQUOISE Aligns chakras. Enhances meditation. Creat- ive expression, friendship. Chakra: throat

VARISCITE Self confidence. Abundance, soothing, calming. Chakras: heart, solar plexus

ZIRCON Emotional balance, self-esteem. Aids sleep. All around healer. Chakras: all



ESSENTIAL OILS , Herb , Aromatherapy CHART

Aromatherapy is the use of essential oils to heal, balance the body, mind, & spirit, & also for magickal purposes.

Essential oils are 100% pure & are very concentrated.

They offer a natural alternative to improving one's well-being, physically & emotionally.

Aromatic medicine has dated back to Egypt & India more than six thousand years ago.

ALLSPICE Prosperity

ALMOND Peace, prosperity

AMBER Success, luck

ANISE Peaceful sleep

BERGAMOT Money, success

CARNATION Strength, healing

CEDAR Purification

CINNAMON Attraction

COCONUT Intuition, peace

CYPRESS Protection, comfort


FRANKINCENSE Spirituality, purify

FRANK & Spirituality,

MYRRH Protection

GARDENIA Peace, love

HELIOTROPE Wealth, healing

HONEYSUCKLE Psychic powers

HYACINTH Happiness, love

HYSSOP Purification

JASMINE Spiritual love

JUNIPER Love, protection

LAVENDER Healing, calming

LEMON Friendship, love

LILAC Protection

LILY Protection

LOTUS Spirituality


MUSK Lust, attraction

MYRRH Spirituality

ORANGE Beauty, love

ORRIS Divination, love

PATCHOULY Money, fertility

PEACH Love, fertility

PEPPERMINT Healing, money

PINE Prosperity

ROSE Beauty, love

ROSE GERANIUM Love, protection

ROSEMARY Purification

SAGE Wisdom, purify

SANDALWOOD Spirituality

SWEETGRASS Spiritual attraction

TULIP Love, prosperity

VANILLA Love, lust

VERBENA Protection, love

VIOLET Love, attraction

WISTERIA Mental powers

YLANG YLANG Opportunity, peace







Basic Nature: Fertile, moist, nurturing; stabilizing; grounding.

Type of Energy: Receptive

Color: Green (from the color of living plants)
Places: Caves, canyons, chasms, forests, groves, valleys, fields, farms, gardens,

Arboretums, parks, plant nurseries, farmer's markets, kitchens, baby

Nurseries, basements, mines, holes

Rituals: Money, prosperity, fertility, stability, grounding, employment

Ritual Forms: Burying, planting, making images in soil or sand

Herbs: Earth-smelling plants, such as patchouli & vetivert; mosses & lichens;

Nuts; dry & stiff plants; heavy, low-growing plants; generally roots

Stones: Heavy or opaque, as in coal; green, as in emerald & peridot

Metals: Iron, lead

Musical Instruments: Drum, all percussion

Creatures: Dog, horse, earthworm, gopher, ant, cow, burrowing animals

Season: Winter (the time of darkness)

Direction: North (the place of greatest darkness)

Time: Night

Magickal Tool: Pentacle (Patent)

Point in Life: Advanced age

Astrological Signs: Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn

Sense: Touch

Natural Symbols: Salt, clay dish of fresh soil, rocks, sheaves of wheat, acorns

Types of Magick: Gardening, magnet, image, stone, tree, knot, binding

Ruled: Candle, storm, time and star



Basic Nature: Flying, moving, fresh, intelligent, suspending

Type of Energy: Projective

Color: Yellow

Places: Mountaintops, wind-swept plains, cloudy skies, high towers,

Airports, schools, libraries, offices, travel agencies, psychiatrist's Offices

Rituals: Travel, instruction, study, freedom, knowledge, recovering lost items

Ritual Forms: Tossing objects into the air, suspending tools in high places, fanning light objects, visualization, positive thinking

Herbs: Fragrant, as many flowers; pungent, as in culinary herbs such as dill; airy,

Finely-veined, or windswept; generally leaves

Stones: Light stones, such as pumice; transparent stones, such as mica

Metals: Tin, copper

Musical Instrument: Flute, all wind instruments

Creatures: Spider, most birds, winged insects

Season: Spring (the time of freshness)

Direction: East (the place of sunrise)

Time: Dawn

Magical Tool: Wand

Point of Life: Infancy

Astrological Signs: Gemini, Libra, Aquarius

Senses: Hearing, smell

Natural Symbols: A feather, incense smoke, fragrant flowers

Symbols For:  Types of Magick Divination, concentration, visualization, wind magic

Ruled:   air, dreams , desires , wishes





Basic Nature: Purifying, destructive, cleansing, energetic, sexual forceful

Type of Energy: Projective

Color: Red (from the color of flames)

Places: Deserts, hot springs, volcanoes, ovens, fireplaces, bedrooms (for sex),

Weight rooms, locker rooms, saunas, athletic fields

Rituals: Protection, courage, sex, energy, strength, authority, banishing negativity

Ritual Forms: Burning or smoldering; heating

Herbs: Stinging, thorny or hot, as thistles, chile peppers & bouganvillea; desert

Dwelling, as cacti; stimulating, as coffee beans; generally seeds

Stones: Red or fiery, as in jasper; volcanic, as in lava; clear, as in quartz crystal

Metals: Gold, brass

Musical Instrument: Guitar, all stringed instruments

Creatures: Snake, cricket, lizard, praying mantis, ladybug, bee, scorpion, shark

Season: Summer (the time of heat)

Direction: South (the place of heat)

Time: Noon

Magickal Tool: Knife

Point In Life: Youth

Astrological Signs: Aries, Leo, Sagittarius

Sense: Sight

Natural Symbols: Flame, lava, a heated object

Symbols For:

Types of Magick, constructive, motivation, inventive

Types of Magick

Ruled: Religious



Basic Nature: Flowing, purifying, healing, soothing, and loving

Type of Energy: Receptive

Color: Blue

Places: Lakes, spring, streams, rivers, beaches, oceans, wells, swimming pools,

Bathtubs, showers, bedrooms (for sleep), health spas, steam rooms,Fountains

Rituals: Purification, love, psychic awareness, dreams, sleep, peace, marriage,


Ritual Forms: Dilution, placing into water, washing away, bathing

Herbs: Aquatic, such as water lilies & seaweed; fleshy, as in succulents &

Lettuce; loving, as in rose & gardenia; generally flowers

Stones: Transparent or translucent, as in amethyst and aquamarine; blue, as in

Blue tourmaline

Metals: Mercury (Quicksilver), silver, copper

Musical Instruments: Cymbal, bell, and all resonant metals

Creatures: Cat, frog, turtle, dolphin, whale, otter, seal, dugong; most fish and


Season: Autumn (the time of harvest)

Direction: West (the place of the settling sun)

Time: Dusk

Magickal Tools: Cup, the cauldron

Point In Life: Maturity

Astrological Signs: Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces

Sense: Taste

Natural Symbols: Shells, a cup of water

Types of Magick ,Life , death, rebirth , change

Ruled: Sea, ice, snow, fog, mirror, magnet





The elements emerge from Akasha, the immutable, changeless source of all energy.

Basic Nature: Unknowable

Type of Energy: Projective/Receptive

Color: Purple or black

Places: Outer space, vacuums; the Void

Types of Rituals: Religious in nature

Ritual Forms: None

Stones: None, or all

Metal: Meteorite

Musical Instruments: None

Creatures: None (and yet, all)

Season: All (and yet, none)

Direction: North, east, south and west; also within and without; up and down;

Also, a complete lack or directions and dimensions

Time: Eternal starlight

Astrological Signs: None

Magickal Tool: None

Point In Life: Pre-Conception; soulness

Sense: None

Astrological Signs: None





Planetary Symbols & Influences

Sun Friendship, new enterprises, success

Moon Visions, dreams, magick, divination, love

Jupiter Strength, will, inspiration

Mars Conflicts, power, courage, victory

Mercury Intellect, communication, arts & sciences, business

Venus Friendship, love, marriage

Saturn Death, restriction, inhibitions

Lunar Influences

New Moon This phase marks the beginning or ritual works which is positive in

Nature. This also marks the beginning of growth.

Full Moon This phase marks the peak of power. All things are focused and


Waning Moon This phase marks negative and destructive energies.

Aries, Leo, Sag. The moon in these signs accents rituals of love or friendship.

Taurus, Virgo, Cap. The moon in these signs accents rituals of astral dealing and

Spirit workings.

Cancer, Scorpio, The moon in these signs accents rituals, which involve subconscious

Pisces workings and psychic attack.



Sun cinnamon, laurel, olibanum, helitrope

Moon lotus, sandalwood, jasmine, almond, camphor

Mars dragons blood, aloes, tobacco

Mercury cinquefoil, fennel, anise

Venus rose, honeysuckle, ambergris, myrtle

Jupiter pine, nutmeg, juniper

Saturn frankincense, myrrh

Pluto unknown as of yet


Days of the Week Planet Color

Monday ruled by the Moon White

Tuesday ruled by Mars Red

Wednesday ruled by Mercury Purple

Thursday ruled by Jupiter Blue

Friday ruled by Venus Green

Saturday ruled by Saturn Black

Sunday ruled by the Sun Yellow





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