Our oils are custom blended under the positive energy of the Moon, and are planetary correct ~ blended under the correct day and hour of the week. 

           Since the dawn of time, scent has evoked the emotions of people.  Somewhere along the way, individual aroma has come to mean different things.  For example, rose is probably the most used and known around the world.  Rose and love have become universal.  That is why we include a wide variety of tried and tested formulas.  Herbs, flowers, resins, oils, and woods are interwoven for special potency. 

            Magickal Secrets products are created with special attention, by hand, to the specific needs of our customers.  Our formulas have come to us after many years of research, taking into consideration all of their metaphysical properties ~ Goddess, God, Moon Phases, Planetary Aspects, and Balance of their delicate fragrances. 

            Essentially, all of these selections can be used for Magick, Aromatherapy, or as a Delicate Fragrance to be worn everyday. 

            Let the Magick Happen!  If you can't find a selection that fits your needs, then please ask ~ we will be more than happy to create one for you!  Our products are made with positive intentions only and are ritually protected against their misuse.    

Magickal Secrets products are sold as curio's only.  No guarantee is made of the magickal qualities for any item.