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Base Oils

These Oils can be used for many purposes, such as:

Massage, as a Supplement , or in Herbal Suspensions.

We carry two brands, which are listed below, and are the best that we have found.

Please Inquire for larger sizes, they are available!  Please enlarge page for entire selection.

Prices are subject to change without notice due to manufacturer. Allow 4 to 6 weeks for delivery

Oil Name



Item #

1/3 oz Cart Item # 8 oz Cart Item# 32 oz Cart
Aloe Vera FBOAV     FBOAV8       FBOAV32    
Apricot Kernal FBOAK     FBOAK8       FBOAK32    
Castor     FBOC8       FBOC32    
*Castor  1 2/3 oz. FBOC123                    
Grapeseed     FBOG8       FBOG32    
*Grapeseed 1 2/3 oz. FBOG123                    
Jojoba, Organic FBOJ     FBOJ8       FBOJ32    
Olive, Extra Virgin (Organic)     FBOO8       FBOO32    
Rosehip Seed     FBOR8            
Sesame     FBOS8 $10.95     FBOS32    
Sweet Almond     FBOSA8 $13.95     FBOSA32    
*Sweet Almond 1 2/3 oz. FBOSA123                    
Vitamin E FBOV     FBOV8 $44.95     FBOV32