Last Updated 11/24/10


The Attar Bazzaar, Ltd. company has an assortment of 40 oils for you to choose from. 

Made with essential oils and the finest ingredients available.

They may be used as fragrances, body care, with oil diffusers, and much more!

Each.bottle comes with an applicator attachment. 




Item# Size Price Cart
Vanilla ATBZVA01 1/8  oz.      
Egyptian Sandalwood ATBZES02 1/8  oz.      
Arabian Sandalwood ATBZAS03 1/8  oz.      
Safia ATBZSA04 1/8  oz.      
Persian Amber ATBZPA05 1/8  oz.      
Egyptian Shalimar ATBZEGS06 1/8 oz.      
African Violet ATBZAFV07 1/8oz.      
Persian Shafayat ATBZPEA08 1/8 oz.      
Sherif ATBZSHE09 1/8 oz.      
Nour ATBZNO11 1/8  oz.      
Tunisian Naim ATBZTUN12 1/8  oz.      
Arabian Naim ATBZARN13 1/8 oz.      
Moroccan Myrrh ATBZMOM14 1/8  oz.      
Tunisian Myrrh ATBZTUM15 1/8  oz.      
Tunisian Patchouli ATBZTUP16 1/8 oz.      
French Rose ATBZFRR17 1/8  oz.      
Arabian Wild Rose ATBZAWR18 1/8  oz.      
Tea Rose ATBZTER19 1/8  oz.      
Tunisian Sandalwood ATBZTUS20 1/8  oz.      
White Opium ATBZWHO21 1/8  oz.      
Pearl Musk ATBZPEM22 1/8 oz.      
French Lavender ATBZFRL24 1/8 oz.      
Egyptian Musk ATBZEGM25 1/8 oz.      
Sweet Musk ATBZSWM26 1/8 oz.      
Medina Musk ATBZMEM27 1/8  oz.      
Indian Patchouli ATBZINP28 1/8  oz.      
Tunisian Musk ATBZTUM29 1/8 oz.      
Sudanese Black Rose ATBZSUBR30 1/8  oz.      
Tunisian Amber ATBZTUA31 1/8  oz.      
Blue Nile ATBZBLN32 1/8  oz.      
Tunisian Jasmine ATBZTUJ33 1/8  oz.      
Oriental Kush ATBZORK34 1/8  oz.      
Tunisian Frankincense ATBZTUF35 1/8  oz.      
Sudanese Coconut ATBZSUCO36 1/8 oz.      
Jannat Al-Ferdous ATBZJAAF37 1/8 oz.      
Tunisian Honeysuckle ATBZTUH38 1/8 oz.      
French Gardenia ATBZFRG39 1/8 oz.      
Lily of the Valley ATBZLIV40 1/8 oz.