Last Updated 03/14/05


Each kit contains a votive candle, incense cone, gem stone, and spell instructions for the purpose stated.   Each kit is designed for your specific purpose intended. 

We recommend that you burn the candles in a votive holder.  Never leave a burning candle unsupervised.

Includes magickally blended candle, incense cone, stone and spell instructions for the purpose stated.

Remember, the magick starts with you!

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Spell Kit Purpose Item # Price Qty/Cart
JUPITER'S ABUNDANCE used for issues of bounty, opportunity & activity MSCMKJA $4.95


when we need that special help; use for communicating MSCMKAG $4.95
SPIRITUAL GUIDANCE aids in connecting with the higher self MSCMKSG $4.95
ASTRAL TRAVEL use when astral travelling and during meditation MSCMKAT $4.95
SELF EMPOWERMENT use when in need of confidence and self-love MSCMKSE $4.95
PROPHETIC DREAMS used for insight and remembering your dreams MSCMKPD $4.95
WELL BEING attaining balance on a mental, physical, and spiritual level MSCMKWB $4.95
HARMONIOUS ENERGIES creates and attracts harmony and peacefulness around you MSCMKHE $4.95
HEALING aids in healing the body, mind and soul MSCMKHL $4.95
HEART CHAKRA opening up your heart chakra & bringing in love & compassion MSCMKHC $4.95
WISHES all that is desired MSCMKWI $4.95
PROSPERITY used to increase prosperity and success MSCMKPR $4.95
SERENITY creates a soothing & calming atmosphere.   Great for alleviating stress! MSCMKSR $4.95
DIVINE ENERGY connecting & communicating with the Divine MSCMKDE $4.95
STRENGTH when needing extra strength & energy MSCMKST $4.95


helps in solving specific problems MSCMKSO $4.95
GUARDIAN connect with your guardian spirits MSCMKGU $4.95
PASSION   brings inspiration to any endeavor MSCMKPA $4.95
WEIGHT LOSS aids in attaining the will to achieve your weight loss goals MSCMKWL $4.95

Magickal Secrets products are sold as curio's only.  No guarantee is made of the magickal qualities for any item.