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Our Kits are Made of the Finest Ingredients that we put together with Love and Good Intentions. They come to you in our own packaging, decoratively accented with Beautiful Ribbons. When you purchase one of our kits you'll automatically ...SAVE!...over $10.00

Magickal Secrets products are sold as curio's only.  No guarantee is made of the magickal  qualities for any item.  Remember, the magick starts with you!


This STARTER KIT.... includes all that is needed to instill a positive outcome.  Includes: Candle, Bath Salts, Magickal Oil, Crystal and Incense.  Please specify type of kit when ordering!  


      Abundance, Angel's Influence, Ascended Masters & Guides, Astral Journey, Confidence, Dreams, Good Health, Harmony, Healing,   

            Love, Manifest A Miracle, Money, Peace, Positive Energy, Power, Problem Solving, Protection, Seduction

In our JUMBO KITS.... we include:  The candle, Bath Salts, Magickal Oil, the Crystal, Incense, Parchment Paper.... for your wish, The Spell, and a Mojo bag filled with the finest Herbal Blends. Please see the chart below for choices!     $29.95     


Healing a Broken Heart  Union of Two Birth of a Child Celebration of Love 
Safe Travel  Birthday Blessings Love Attraction and Lust Protection
Manifest Your Dreams Cleanse My Soul and Space Good Fortune For All Send It Back With Love and Light 
Psychic Awareness Psychic Openings Life's New Beginnings  


The SABBAT KIT.... this includes all of the needed materials for doing any seasonal ritual ~ Goddess Candle, God Candle, 4 Element /Quarter Candles, 4 Elemental Crystals, Sabbat Incense, Sabbat Ritual Bath Salts, Sabbat Oil, Altar Oil, Sabbat Offering Bag with Herbs and Crystal, Blessing Sea Salt, Charcoal Briquettes$59.95 

Sabbat Date Sabbat Date
Imbolg Feb. 2nd Lughnasadh July 31st
Ostara March 21st Mabon September 21st
Bealtaine April 30th Samhain October 31st
Midsummer June 22nd Yule December 22nd


The Basic MOON RITUAL KIT...  This is for the Beginner... it includes:   Candle, Bath Salts, Magickal Oil, Crystal and Incense.     $21.95

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Let the faeries grant your wishes with this kit! Your wishes will come true!  Kit includes Faery Wish Pot, incense cone, candle,oil, parchment paper, faery dust & instructions!       

                                   $9.95 each                    




To promote happiness & sunlight in your life!


Brings you positive energy!


Abundance & wealth!


Brings love into your life!


Brings out your psychic abilities!


Harmony & peace