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Mystickal Tymes Estate On Second Life

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Come To Mystickal Tymes Estates.....

After many years in the works and many hours of designing

 My dream has Been Born into a reality....our Castle on line ...Thru Secondlife.com

A place to Learn in our Classrooms , Dance in our nightclub Pans Labyrinth, Experience a live Circle of Ancient Paths Ritual in our Sacred Circle,

 Get a Live Tarot Reading in our Tarot House, Enjoy Pagan Art from around the world in our Museum, Shop for your Avatar  in our Village ,

 or Live in one of our Guest Apartments ,

Come Enter the world of Magick and Fantasy


 Circle of Ancient Paths  Classes  Online

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Wicca 101 and 202 are Available and

Interact with me ERIC...aka. Airaoch Macbeth

 Live in Secondlife and ask your questions about the Lessons or

  Seek advice from our Psychics Live on Second life

In the Next Months we will be launching  303

 ...over 2800 pgs of information and original art and content

 for all the Digital class books



When You take the Classes in Secondlife



Lord Khepra Windstorm  aka  Ed ...

If your lucky You might see Him

  Airaoch Macbeth aka Eric ...

 You Will SEE me I am Always ON


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Wicca 101


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Wicca 202


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Wicca 303


$175.00 for the 5 week Session $175.00 for the 5 week Session

$275.00 for the 12 week Session

In the Next Months we will be launching  303 


Age of Aquarius, What is Wicca?,

Tenants of Wiccan Belief,

 Death & Reincarnation, Gods & Goddess.

As Above, So Below, Occult Dimensions,

Cause & Effect and the Three Fold Law,

 Ethics, Ritual, Solstices and Equinoxes,

 Herbalism, Familiars,Divination,

Personal Power Within,  What is Witchcraft?,

Religious Backgrounds, Theory of the Old Religion,

 The Horned God, the New Mystery Religion,

 Lord of the Harvest, Concepts of the Goddess,

The Moon Goddess, the Triple Goddess




 Wiccan Traditions: Celts, Celtic beliefs in the British Isles,

 Eurasian, The Cult of the Dead, The Fairy

Faith, Kurgan-Eruopean Invasion, Italian paganism,

 Cauldron Mysteries

 Traditions a Brief Description : Streggaria,

 Celtic and Druidic,

 Kabalistic, Egyptian, Orphic, Dianic,

Slovonic, Storytellers, Native American/Shamanistic,

Golden Dawn/O.T.O.

Wiccan Rede and what it means.


CLASS 3:  Concepts of Balance Within

Elements/Forces/Watchers, The Wheel, Ritual Format/Tools


CLASS 4:  Rites of Passage

Seasonal Tides of the Earth, Psychic Centers and Dimensions,

 The Wheel of the Year


Astrology – Planets, Associations and Purposes



Beginner’s Magick, Ethics, Witches Pyramid,

Four Qualities of the Witch, Types of Magickal Techniques

Four Worlds of Magick, Moon Phases, Spell crafting


CLASS 1: Introduction

Questionnaire, Creative Visualization, Circle Casting,

Releasing the Circle, Multi dimensions of the Scared Circle

CLASS 2: Elements and Forces of our Art,

 The Four Principles, Elementals

Feeling the Elements,

 Living the Pentagram and its Responsibilities

Nine Points to Live By

CLASS 3: Personal Preparation,

Cleansing for the Ritual,

The Structure of a Ritual,

 Solitary vs. Coven Work, Dynamics of a Coven,

 Degrees, Initiatory or Non-Initiatory,

Traditional Witchcraft or Eclectic,

Teaching, or Non-Teaching, Open Circles or Closed,

Family Traditions or Community,

Groups, Gender Segregated or Mixed Gender Groups

CLASS 4: Magick,

 Working Magick,

The Five Laws of Magick,

The Different Levels of Magick,

 Magickal Evocation,

 Raising Energy,

Divination and Meditation

The Aura and the Body within its 7 Worlds

CLASS 5: Candle Magick,

 History of Fire Magick,

 Law of Cause and Effect,

Magickal Goals and

 Creative Visualization, Charging,

Dressing and Checking

Your Magickal Ability,

Preparation, Charts,

Tables and Timing

Putting It Together, Worksheet


CLASS 1: Introduction 2 classes

The Differences between the two

High Magick, Low Magick,


CLASS 2: Kabalah, 3 classes

The Tree of Life, The Pillars, The Spheres/Sephira,

The Paths,

 Working within the Tree of Life


CLASS 3: Angels, 2 classes

9 Choirs of Angels, Seraphim, Cherubim,

Thrones, Dominions Powers, Virtues,

 Principalities, Archangels, Angels

Angelic Orders / Correspondences of the Sephira


Class 4: Candle Magick

 Sigils, Planetary Association, Seasonal Association


CLASS 5: Gods and Goddess

The Different Pantheons

Baltic and Finish, Celtic, Egyptians, Greek,

Hindu, Judeo-Christian-

Islam, Magyar, Mesopotamia, Roman,

Siberian, Slavic, Teutonic

Associations and working with Pantheons


CLASS 6: Magical Aromatherapy

Aromatherapy, Essential Oils, Herbs,

 Magickal Herbs and Spell crafting

Spell Crafting in association of Moon Phases

Planetary Associations with herbs


CLASS 7: Constructing your Initiation


Class 8: Initiation into the

 Circle of Ancient Paths Tradition

of Wicca and Magick.

Within the classes you will receive all hand out information digitally in your books with mild homework assignments.

Certification will come at the end of  all the classes and you will be given a certificate of accomplishment in each of the classes when you have completed all the homework.

 When all Class work in 101 ~303 is complete you will Receive your Certification of Completion, as a Circle of Ancient Paths Church & Sisters of the Wood Member


Come visit us to Learn on Line in our Classrooms; Over 15 topics  ....Filled with Tons of Information ... All for Free

Or You can Take our Circle Of Ancient Paths Wicca 101~ 303 at your own Pace or with Airaoch Macbeth (aka. Eric )


  The Circle Of Ancient Paths ....  

Just click on the Pictures Below and see the different Free Class Rooms we have for you ... We Have Many More Lessons in the Castle All Scattered about and Several other Lessons On the Other Sims ...


Learn about

 The Moon And Her Lore


Be Informed about Crystals Take the Tarot Class Learn About our

Tradition of Wicca.


Understand The Chakra System and how it Links Us All to The World and Spirit Enjoy a Class on the Altar and what the Tools are used for


Learn About the Runes Unlock the Norse system of Divination

Learn about The Tree of Life and Our System of the Perfect Spell

Enjoy the Sacred Circle Join us For a Live Ritual this coming Season

 The Magickal Herb Garden and what to do with these Wonderful Plants The Tarot Tent, where our Live Readers will Tell You What is Coming to Your Life and Help with your Problems Clime the Mountains or Enjoy the Caves ,Live with us here in Mystickal Tymes Forrest in Your own Cottage

Enjoy the Castle And All Its different Things to See and Do

The Moving Stairway  don't fall ...Like That of HP you know ...lol The Grand Dinning Hall Come to an Event in Our Club      Pan's Labyrinth  its Always Open Swim in the pool and lay out with friends Or live in what We Call the Heart Apartment 3 Rooms Or Rent A Hidden Apartment Behind The Wall we wont tell Its Your Secret.....shhhhhh

Misty Castle The Tower A Winter View We are 4 Seasons Dannu Her Lesson Sun Set Over The Forest Sim View of  the Front of the Castle


Our Quaint Shopping Village for your Avatar Shapes ,Skins, Hair , Jewelry And Tons of Clothing Ritual Altar Merry-Go Round 100's of Movies Shops on the Promenade  Concert  Shows On the Pier Every Saturday

Replica Stone Henge with lesson Our Lighthouse in the Sea Harbor Rental Properties Walk able Rope Bridges Amaretto Horse Auction House Rental Properties

The Mini Hunt , Magick Wand Hunt Treasure Hunt , Jewel Hunt


Dragon Shield Hunt Defenders of the Circle Hunt  The Hunt Center The Pirate Hunt

Undersea Swimming Mer Poses Sunken Castle   The Race Track for Motorcycles Private Gardens



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