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For an Informative look at one of the oldest breeds living and surviving into the new millennium


Horus, the symbol of Flight and Vision, 

The Ankh the symbol of Eternal Life and Power ,

The Scarab the symbol of Longevity and Resurrection

Together they are The Ibizan Hound 

Below are some things that I found interesting .....

The Ibizan Hounds, sometimes called "Beezers" by their fanciers, are quiet, clean, playful and polite. Good with children, gentle, sensible and sensitive. Protective and somewhat independent. They will hold back watchfully with strangers. Once they decide the stranger means no harm, they will relax very quickly. Be careful with small pets such as rabbits, cats and rodents; the Ibizan Hound is bred to hunt these creatures. Cats that are raised with the Ibizan Hound will fit in just fine as part of the "family pack," but it will chase and possibly kill a cat it does not know. As in all breeds, the Ibizan Hound should be well socialized with other dogs, other animals, adults, and children. If you have an adult Ibizan Hound and would like another dog, it is suggested that you get a puppy. Beezers are pack animals by nature, so introducing a puppy to the household is easier. An Ibizan thinks its humans are their pack, so any addition (human or baby) must be introduced slowly. Ibizans are members of the family. They cannot be kept as kennel dogs. They love their humans, are as clean as a cat, and respect the rules of a household. This breed blushes when they get excited, as does the Pharaoh Hound. Ibizans like to learn and do so very quickly. They are trainable, but tend to be willful and get bored easily. Provided they have been properly trained, they can participate in many types of dog sports. These dogs are very sensitive to the voice of their handler and a friendly request will always achieve more than a gruff command. This breed tends to have large litters.

Ibizan Hound
Hound Group
Breed Standard

General Appearance: The Ibizan's clean-cut lines, large prick ears and light pigment give it a unique appearance. A hunting dog whose quarry is primarily rabbits, this ancient hound was bred for thousands of years with function being of prime importance. Lithe and racy, the Ibizan possesses a deerlike elegance combined with the power of a hunter. Strong, without appearing heavily muscled, the Ibizan is a hound of moderation. With the exception of the ears, he should not appear extreme or exaggerated.
In the field the Ibizan is as fast as top coursing breeds and without equal in agility, high jumping and broad jumping ability. He is able to spring to great heights from a standstill.

Size, Proportion, Substance

Size--The height of dogs is 23 inches to 27 inches at the withers. Bitches are 22 to 26 inches at the withers. There is no preference for size within this range. Sizes slightly over or under the norms are not to be regarded as demerits when other qualities are good. Weight--Average weight of dogs is 50 pounds; bitches, 45 pounds. Proportion--Slightly longer than tall. Substance--The Ibizan possesses clean, fine bone. The muscling is strong, yet flat, with no sign of heaviness.

Head: Long and narrow in the form of a sharp cone truncated at its base. Finely chiseled and extremely dry fleshed.

Expression :The Ibizan has an elegant, deer-like look. The eyes are oblique and small, ranging in color from clear amber to caramel. The rims are the color of the nose and are fully or partially pigmented. The appearance of the eye is intelligent, alert and inquisitive. The ears are large, pointed, and natural. On alert the ear should never droop, bend, or crease. Highly mobile, the ear can point forward, sideways, or be folded backward, according to mood. On alert, the lowest point of the base is at level of the eye. On frontal examination, the height of the ear is approximately 2 times that of the widest point of the base.

Skull: Long and flat, prominent occipital bone, little defined stop; narrow brow. The muzzle is elongated, fine, and slender with a very slight Roman convex. The length from the eyes to point of nose is equal to the distance from eyes to occiput. The muzzle and skull are on parallel planes. The nose is prominent, extending beyond the lower jaw. It is of a rosy flesh color, never black or liver, and tends to harmonize with that of the coat. Pigment is solid or butterfly. Nostrils are open. Lips are thin and tight and the color of the nose. Flews are tight and dry fleshed. Bite--The teeth are perfectly opposed in a scissors bite; strong and well set.

Neck, Topline, Body

The neck is long, slender, slightly arched and strong, yet flat muscled. The topline, from ears to tail, is smooth and flowing. The back is level and straight. Body --The chest is deep and long with the breastbone sharply angled and prominent. The ribs are slightly sprung. The brisket is approximately 2-1/2 inches above the elbow. The deepest part of the chest, behind the elbow, is nearly to or to the elbow. The abdomen is well tucked up, but not exaggerated. The loin is very slightly arched, of medium breadth and well muscled. The croup is very slightly sloping. The tail is set low, highly mobile, and reaches at least to the hock. It is carried in a sickle, ring, or saber position, according to the mood and individual specimen.

Forequarters: Angulation is moderate. The shoulders are elastic but never loose with moderate breadth at the withers. The shoulder blades are well laid back. At the point of the shoulder they join to a rather upright upper arm. The elbow is positioned in front of the deepest part of the chest. It is well held in but not so much as to restrict movement. Legs --The forearms are very long, strong, straight, and close, lying flat on the chest and continuing in a straight line to the ground. Bone is clean and fine. The pasterns are strong and flexible, slightly sloping, with well developed tendons. Dewclaw removal is optional. Feet: hare-foot. The toes are long, closed and very strong. Interdigital spaces are well protected by hair. Pads are durable. Nails are white.

Hindquarters: Angulation is moderate with the hindquarters being set under the body. Legs--The thighs are very strong with flat muscling. The hocks are straight when viewed from the rear. Bone is clean and fine. There are no rear dewclaws. The feet are as in front.

Coat: There are two types of coat; both untrimmed. Short--shortest on head and ears and longest at back of the thighs and under the tail. Wire-haired can be from one to three inches in length with a possible generous moustache. There is more hair on the back, back of thighs, and tail. Both types of coat are hard in texture and neither coat is preferable to the other.

Color: White or red, (from light, yellowish-red called "lion" to deep red), solid or in any combination. No color or pattern is preferable to the other. Disqualify any color other than white or red.

Gait: An efficient, light and graceful single tracking movement. A suspended trot with joint flexion when viewed from the side. The Ibizan exhibits smooth reach in front with balanced rear drive, giving the appearance of skimming over the ground.

Temperament: The Ibizan Hound is even-tempered, affectionate and loyal. Extremely versatile and trainable, he makes an excellent family pet, and is well suited to the breed ring, obedience, tracking and lure-coursing. He exhibits a keen, natural hunting instinct with much determination and stamina in the field.

Disqualification: Any color other than white or red.

Approved September 11, 1989
Effective November 1, 1989






Proud member of the Ibizan Hound Club of the United States since 1995

Proud member of the Central New Jersey Hound Association since 1998

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Below are Some Family Pictures of Tiy and Isis,

Our First Litter, The Babies Father Hogan and The Grandfather and Uncle "Malcolm" 


To the left is Tiy's first point in Monticello, NY.


To the right Tiy wins at the Burlington County K.C.

Both shows she was handled by Deborah Wheeler

Debbie shows Tiy for another win at the  Richland  County K.C.

On the right Tiy wins being shown by Arthur Favors at the Old Dominion K.C. in Virginia



Tiy wins her first major being shown by Brad (Rebecca) Lockhart at the Raleigh K.C.

Finally , I get a chance to show Tiy myself and win first point of the day at the Bucks County K.C.

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Tiy's pedigree

Eye Cerf and OFA

This is Tiy's certification as a Junior Lure courser.

This is a candid shot of Tiy focusing in on a squirrel... her favorite hunt !

 Tiy and her litter on their 16th day

Some of her lovely pups

The whole litter finally squeezed in !

Finally some have had their fill...siesta time!

This is Tiy's gorgeous Daddy, Malcolm (Ch. Cesare's Flying First Class-SC) with his owner Leslie Lucas

This sleek and excellent stud with superior movement is the Father of Tiy's puppies, Ch.Serqet Castlemaghn Legend (Hogan)

On the right is Hogan and his newly championed daughter Velvet


Paradise-Ahram  Ibizan Hound kennels

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