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Wild Berry products have been in existence for over 20 years. 

Their oils are made from concentrated fragrances, using only the finest ingredients. 

They guarantee their oils to be fresh and rewarding to the senses. 

The oils may be used as fragrances, to refresh potpourri, used on lamp rings, and much more!

They are available in 1/2 ounce bottles with an applicator attachment.  


Name Item# Price Qty/ Cart
Deep Patchouli WBO-DP1 $10.95  
Fantasia WBO-FA2 $9.95  
Fresh Rain WBO-FR3 $9.95  
Lavender WBO-LA4 $9.95  
Lilac WBO-LI5 $9.95  
Musk WBO-MU6 $9.95  
Ocean WBO-OC7 $9.95  
Opium WBO-OP8 $9.95  
Peace of Mind WBO-PM9 $9.95  
Sandalwood WBO-SA10 $9.95  
Strawberry WBO-ST11 $9.95  
Summer Day WBO-SD12 $9.95  
Sweet Patchouli WBO-SP13 $10.95  
Vanilla WBO-VA14 $9.95