Divination Games and Accessories

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Ouija Oracle Card Game    1-57281-047-5    $12.00                          

Your virtues, faults, and future plans are to be revealed!  Fifty-two cards ask questions about life, love, and fate.  Players score points by selecting the same answer as the Oracle. 


The Astrology Kit   0-88079-500-X         $27.95     

One complete set contains everything you need to uncover the power of the stars and to understand how planetary movements are likely to affect and influence your life.  By following the step-by-step instructions, you can cast detailed horoscopes in ten to fifteen minutes.  Devised  by Grant  Lewi in consultation with Liz Greene. Complete with Zodiac Wheel, note pad, and two guide books.

The Psychic Circle Set     0-88079-730-4    $25.00     

Tap into psychic resources!  The set contains a full-color 18" x 18" folding game board, a magical message indicator, and "The Psychic Circle" by Amy Zerner and Monte Farber, 30 pp.


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Intuitive Solutions Game     1-57281-073-0        $25.95       

A tool for focusing on an issue, identifying potential setbacks, and discovering the power within yourself to realize solutions and take action.  Developed by Kathy Tyler and Joy Drake, creators of the Blessing Cards. For 1 or more players, ages 16 to adult.                    

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The Transformation Game        0-88079-380-5         $60.00      

The game that can change your life!  Developed at the Findhorn Foundation in Scotland, The Transformation Game is a joyful way to discover more about yourself and others.  Just as life is filled with insights, setbacks, pain, and miracles, so is The Transformation Game.  It mirrors players lives with amazing accuracy, highlights, strengths, identifies blind spots, and brings fresh perspectives to current challenges. For 2 to 4 players, ages 16 to adult. *For 1 player, see "Solo and Earth-Solo Games."

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Fortune Teller Collectables Game             $ 3.99  

The future is at your fingertips!  Ask one of the four elements a yes or no question about wealth, destiny, love, or career.  Spell out the chosen element, for each letter open the Fortune Teller sideways and then front to back.  Selecting one of the numbers, count the number out the same way.   Then, choose a color-lift a color panel and read the answer and advise.

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Solo and Earth-Solo Games      0-88079-522-0             $24.00                  

The Solo and Earth-Solo Games are supplements to The Transformation Game. Now players can enjoy the many benefits of The Transformation Game in a solo setting or with the Earth as your partner.  Package contains two game supplements.  For 1 player, age 16 to adult.


 Blank Cards

Make your own tarot, playing card, or game deck with a set of uncoated, round-cornered blank cards.  Also perfect for flash cards, educational cards, recipe cards, and many other projects.

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Deck of 80 Cards, Blank Both Sides    0-913866-88-1     $6.00  

Deck of 80 Cards, Blank Front/Tarotee Back   0-913866-22-9   $8.00 

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Yin/Yang Coins     0-88079-115-2    3 for $2.95    

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Tarot Guide Sheet For 10-Card Spreads     0-88079-113-6     $3.00   

The spread sheet has designated spaces for the 10-card Celtic Cross spread.  This annotated sheet facilitates readings and aids diviners at all levels of experience.  Folds flat.

                                                                             Tarot Bags

Velvet Tarot Bags     $14.95

Holds a standard size tarot deck with an accent ribbon, drawstring closure. Colors available: 

Black       Cobalt Blue   Red    Hunter Green