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Crystals & Gemstones

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Tumbled Stones

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Name Image Description Chakra Item # Size Price Qty/Cart
ABALONE SHELL wpe152.jpg (2818 bytes) TCSABS01 small $1.50
AGATE Tones & strengthens body/mind/spirit. Imparts a sense of strength & courage TCSAGA02 small $1.50
AGATE, BOTSWANA (PINK) wpe155.jpg (1678 bytes) TCSAGP03 small $1.50
AGATE, BOTSWANA (GRAY) wpe158.jpg (2004 bytes) TCSAGG04 small $1.50
AGATE, BLUE LACE wpe3C.jpg (1484 bytes) TCSAGB05 small $1.25
AGATE, LACE wpe2E.jpg (1819 bytes) TCSAGL06 small $1.25
AGATE, TURRITELLA wpe36.jpg (2499 bytes) TCSAGT07 small $1.50
AGATE, TREE wpe33.jpg (2194 bytes) TCSAGTR08 small $1.50
AGATE, GREEN MOSS wpe35.jpg (2068 bytes) TCSAGGM09 small $1.50
AMAZONITE . wpe5.jpg (1749 bytes) Brings joy & upliftment. Creative expres- sion Chakra: throat TCSAMA10 small $2.00


Healing, soothing, harmonizing. Intellect. Chakras: navel, solar plexus, crown TCSAMB11 small $5.00
AMETHYST wpe1E.jpg (1660 bytes) Enhances psychic abilities. Excellent for meditation. Chakras: third eye, crown TCSAME12 small $1.25
TCSAME13 medium $2.00
TCSAME14 large $3.00
ANGELITE light blue with white swirls TCSANG21 small $5.95
APACHE TEARS wpe1.jpg (1745 bytes) TCSAPT24 small $1.75
AQUAMARINE  wpe41.jpg (1674 bytes) Calms nerves. Purifies the body. Enhances clarity of mind, aids creative self-expression. exc. for meditation. Chakras: throat,solar pl. TCSAQU25 medium $2.50
TCSAQU26 Raw  crys. $6.95
AVENTURINE, GREEN wpe34.jpg (2190 bytes) Aids in releasing anxiety & fear. Tranquility & positive energy. Chakra: heart TCSAVG30 small $2.00
TCSAVG31 large $3.00
AVENTURINE, RED wpe3.jpg (2078 bytes) TCSAVR32 small $2.00
TCSAVR33 large $3.00
AZURITE Facilitates clear meditation. Enhances psychic abilities & creativity. Chakra: throat TCSAZU34 small $3.00
TCSAZU35 large $5.00
BLOODSTONE wpe2B.jpg (1930 bytes) Stimulates movement of kundalini. Inner guidance, idealism. Chakras: root, heart TCSBLO36 small $1.50
TCSBLO37 medium $2.50
TCSBLO38 large $5.95
TCSBLO39 extra large $9.95
TCSBLO40 xx large $12.95
CALCITE Reduces stress. Emotionally balancing. grounding. Enhances all spellworking. Works with all chakras. TCSCAL41 Medium $3.95
TCSCAL42 Large $6.95
CARNELIAN wpe2A.jpg (2029 bytes) Enhances attunement w/ inner self. Facilitates concentration. Chakras: navel, heart TCSCAR43 small $1.25
CHALCEDONY, BLUE wpe7.jpg (1676 bytes) TCSCHB45 medium $1.50
CHRYSOCOLLA Power, communication, joy, emotional balance. Chakras: throat, heart TCSCHR46 medium $5.95


CITRINE wpe40.jpg (1909 bytes) Enhances body's healing energy. Raises self- esteem. Hope. navel, crown TCSCIT48 small $2.00
TCSCIT49 medium $3.00
COPPER Helps detoxify body. Raises self-esteem. Root TCSCOP50 Bottle $15.95
TCSCOP51 xxl $24.95
FLUORITE wpe2D.jpg (1765 bytes) Grounds excess energy. Greater concentration, meditation. Works with all chakras TCSFLU54 small $1.00
TCSFLU55 medium $2.00
TCSFLU56 large $5.95
TCSFLU57 extra large $19.95+
GARNET, BRAZIL wpe3B.jpg (1929 bytes) Harmonizes the forces of the kundalini. Love, compassion, imagination Chakras: root,heart TCSGARB58 small $1.00
TCSGARB59 medium $2.95  
GARNET, INDIA wpe29.jpg (3028 bytes) Harmonizes the forces of the kundalini. Love, compassion, imagination Chakras: root,heart TCSGARI62 small $1.00
TCSGARI63 medium $2.95
GOLD COMES IN A BOTTLE , PURE FLAKES Attracts positive energy into aura. Chakras: navel, heart, crown TCSGOL64 Bottle $9.95
HEMATITE Dispels negativity. Grounding. Protection. TCSHEM65 small $1.50
TCSHEM66 medium $5.00
TCSHEM67 extra large $9.95
HERKIMER   Diamond Enhances inner vision. Increases dream TCSHER68 small $10.00
TCSHER69 medium $35.00
JADE wpe45.jpg (2032 bytes) Emotional balancer. Radiates divine, unconditional love. Wisdom, courage. TCSJAD72 small $2.50
TCSJAD73 large $4.00
JASPER, FANCY wpe31.jpg (2458 bytes) Powerful healer. Chakras: all TCSJASF74 small $1.00
TCSJASF75 large $2.00


TCSJABR76 small $1.00
TCSJABR77 large $2.00
JASPER, LEOPARDSKIN wpe14.jpg (2449 bytes) TCSJALE78 small $1.25
TCSJALE79 large $2.00
JASPER, IVORY wpe37.jpg (1963 bytes) TCSJAIV80 small $1.00
TCSJAIV81 large $2.00
JASPER, RED wpe14F.jpg (2109 bytes) TCSJARE82 small $1.25
TCSJARE83 large $2.00
JASPER, STRIPED wpe154.jpg (2063 bytes) TCSJAST84 small




TCSJAST85 large $2.00
JASPER, STARRY wpe28.jpg (2484 bytes) TCSJASA86 small




TCSJASA87 large $3.50
JASPER, YELLOW wpe15.jpg (1926 bytes) TCSJAYE88 small




TCSJAYE89 large $2.00
JASPER, PICTURE wpe30.jpg (1866 bytes) TCSJAPI90 small




TCSJAPI91 large $2.50
KUNZITE   Aids in healing depression. Enhances self-esteem. Soothing Heart TCSKUN92 sm $1.50
TCSKUN95 Raw 2-3"  $29.95
LAPIS LAZULI wpe1D.jpg (2089 bytes) Opening of chakras. Enhances psychic abilities, mental clarities. Chakras: third eye, throat TCSLALA98 sm




TCSLALA99 lg $5.00
LARVIKITE (Lanarkite) wpe23.jpg (2030 bytes) TCSLAR100 $2.95
LEPIDOLITE wpe27.jpg (2147 bytes) Aids sleep. Enhances expression of one's inner light& joy. Chakra: heart TCSLEP101 large $2.95
LODESTONE wpe11.jpg (2151 bytes) TCSLODN102 natural $3.00
TCSLODG104 green  $3.00


wpe1B.jpg (2044 bytes) Aids sleep. Brings in abundance & prosperity. chakras: heart, solar plexus TCSMAL105 sm $2.50
TCSMAL106 med $5.95
TCSMAL107 lg $9.95
TCSMAL108 Xxlg $24.95
MAGNESITE NUGGETnew-dark.gif (5172 bytes) wpe12.jpg (1756 bytes) TCSMAN109 large $1.50
MAGNESITE , TUMBLEDnew-dark.gif (5172 bytes) wpe2F.jpg (1527 bytes) TCSMAT110 large $1.50
TCSMAT111 extra large $5.95
MOLDAVITE Aids alignment w/ Higher Self. Chakra: heart TCSMOL112 sm $5.95
TCSMOL113 med $24.95
TCSMOL114 lg $39.95
TCSMOL115 xl $49.95
MOONSTONE wpe3A.jpg (1331 bytes) Aids birthing process, female problems. Aligns emotions. Chakra: heart TCSMONA116 large $1.25
MOONSTONE, GREEN wpe3D.jpg (1622 bytes) TCSMOGR117 large $1.25
MOONSTONE, PEACH wpe42.jpg (1438 bytes) TCSMOPE118 large $1.25
MOTHER OF PEARL, WHITE wpe10.jpg (1622 bytes) TCSMOPW119 large $1.50
OBSIDIAN , Green Chakra: root TCSOBSG120 large $1.50
OBSIDIAN, BLACK wpeF.jpg (1898 bytes) Grounds spiritual energy. Absorbs & dispels negativity. TCSOBSB121 large $1.50
OBSIDIAN, SNOWFLAKE wpeE.jpg (2002 bytes) TCSOBSS122 large $1.50
ONYX wpe2C.jpg (1754 bytes) Balancing male/female energies. Relieves stress. Self control. Chakras: works w/all TCSONY123 large $2.00
PIACCSO STONE wpeD.jpg (2061 bytes) TCSPAS127 large $1.50
PERIDOT wpe18.jpg (2510 bytes) Purifies body. Increases intuitive awareness stimulates mind. Chakras: navel, heart,plexus TCSPER128 small $1.00
TCSPER raw $3.00
PYRITE wpe1F.jpg (2113 bytes) Influences a positive outlook on life. harmony. Chakras: root,heart,solar plexus TCSPYR129 small $3.00
TCSPYR130 medium $5.00
QUARTZ, CRYSTAL wpe3F.jpg (1323 bytes) Dispels negativity. Stimulates energy. Excellent for meditation. Chakras: all TCSQUC132 large $1.50
QUARTZ, GREEN  wpe153.jpg (1697 bytes) TCSQUG133 large $1.50
QUARTZ, RUTILATED wpe19.jpg (1953 bytes) TCSQUR134 large $2.00
TCSQUR extra large $3.00
QUARTZ, ORANGE wpeC.jpg (1756 bytes) TCSQUO135 large $1.50
QUARTZ, SMOKY wpe1C.jpg (1761 bytes) Aids depression. Relaxation & calmness. Grounding, centering. Chakras: root, navel TCSQUS136 large $1.50
TCSQUS137 points $1.50
QUARTZ , RED negativity. Chakras: crown, root TCSQURE138 large $1.50
QUARTZ, ROSE wpe43.jpg (1387 bytes) Aids development of love, forgiveness and compassion. "Love Stone". Chakra: heart TCSQURO139 large $1.50
QUARTZ, SNOW wpe157.jpg (1452 bytes) TCSQUSN140 large $1.50
QUARTZ,YELLOW wpeB.jpg (1628 bytes) TCSQUYE141 large $1.50
RHODOCHROSITE wpe1A.jpg (2139 bytes) Heals emotional wounds. Acceptance of self & life. Healer. Chakras: root, heart TCSRHOC142 large $3.50
RHODONITE wpe38.jpg (1908 bytes) Brings love into action & manifestation. Self - esteem & confidence. Chakra: root, heart TCSRHOD143 large $3.50
RHYOLITE, RAINFOREST wpe22.jpg (2621 bytes) TCSRHYR144 large $2.50
ROCK CRYSTAL wpe20.jpg (1293 bytes) TCSROCR145 lg


RUTILATED QUARTZ Eases depression. Enhances communication w/ Higher Self & Spirit Guides. Chakras: all TCSRUTQ146 medium $2.00
TCSRUTQ147 large $2.50
TCSRUTQ148 extra large $3.00
SODALITE . wpe32.jpg (2096 bytes) Brings clarity & truth. Enhances communi- cation & expression Chakras: 3rd eye, throat TCSSOD149 large $1.75
SUNSTONE wpe21.jpg (1949 bytes) TCSSUN150 large $3.50
TIGER EYE BLUE Good Luck Stone. Enhances clear perception & insight. Chakras: navel, solar plexus TCSTIEB151 large $2.00
TIGER EYE GOLD wpe25.jpg (2159 bytes) TCSTIEG152 large $1.50
TIGER EYE MULTI-COLOR wpe26.jpg (2124 bytes) TCSTIEM153 large $2.50
TIGER EYE RED wpe24.jpg (2223 bytes) TCSTIER154 large $2.50
TIGER IRON TCSTIIR155 large $2.50
TOURMALINE new-dark.gif (5172 bytes) Protection. Concentration, inspiration. Various colors will activate corr. Chakras TCSTOUR157 Large $3.00
TOURMALINE , BLACK wpe17.jpg (1895 bytes) TCSTOBL160 large $5.00
TURQUOISE, AMERICAN wpeA.jpg (2446 bytes) Enhances meditation. Creat- ive expression, friendship. Aligns chakras. Chakra: throat TCSTUAM161 medium $1.25
TURQUOISE, MEXICO wpe16.jpg (1652 bytes) TCSTUME162 medium $2.50
UNAKITE wpe8.jpg (2236 bytes) TCSUNA163 large $2.50

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