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The Circle Of Ancient Paths Church


Sisters of the Wood







The Circle of Ancient Paths, formed in 1994, is a faith based spiritual group rooted in SYNCRETISM;

the combination of different forms of belief or practice, and are a Teaching Coven and Church.

We are connected by common caring and bonded by the true spirit of friendship, love, healing, inspiration and higher spirituality.

Our ceremonies and classes are rooted in Cabala, Ceremonial Ritual Structure, and Many Cultural Traditions. The Tree of Life at our Spiritual core.

We welcome and celebrate difference and discussion, and are not bounded by definitions, but open to all types of spirituality.

Our worship incorporates influences from many belief systems, both religious and spiritual in ancient historical practice.

We are Wiccan in nature but consider our tradition Multi-Pantheistic, combining High Magick and more common forms of Craft Practice.

The Circle of Ancient Paths was formed to empower and reawaken individuals spiritually, and to open a path of self-discovery.

Honoring the Divine Within through the exploration of many cultures and faiths.

We Celebrate the seasons in ceremonies that utilize historical practice from around the world based on extensive research.

Through education, healing, worship and meditation, our members empower their sense of self in order to project positive energy and help those that cross their path.

The Circle of Ancient Paths also provide services to local community organizations that include healing and volunteer services to local community agencies.

Some are Lifeties.org other organizations, hospices, nursing homes, and assisted livings, to name a few.


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The Sisters of the Wood Ring and its High Council is a circle symbolizing our never-ending fellowship of light, love and friendship and will be devoted to all that is

positive in

 this universe and beyond, always striving to keep a magickal balance for the good of all.

. "Where there is darkness there is light.

 Where there is light, there is hope.

Esse mel a galad o elenath silivren

“In love and light of stars glittering white”

In perfect love and perfect trust.


The Sisters of the Wood & Fellowship of Light was formed to empower and reawaken individuals spiritually, and to open a path of self-discovery

by honoring the divine within through the exploration of many cultures and faiths.

Through education, healing (Reiki, aromatherapy), worship (rituals) and meditation, the members of the Fellowship will empower their sense of self in

 order to project positive energy and help those that cross their path. Always mindful of the universal law of what you give you receive three-fold,

the Sisters will provide service to community

 that will include the following: open healing circles, open meditation circles (world peace & empowerment), volunteer

 services to local community agencies such as the coalition to house the homeless and other organizations, provide reiki in hospices,

 nursing homes, and assisted livings.

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The Core of the Coven and Church



Litha 2014


Cerimonia Romano di Fuoco Sacro e Luce nella Celebrazione della Illuminazione della Stagione

 Roman ceremony of sacred fire and light

 in celebration of the illumination of the season



Lammas 2014


Festivale di Vortumnus & Feria Nemoralia di Roma!

Procession of Torches into Diana’s sacred grove as we honor

 her triple aspect in deeper mysteries marking the beginnings of

 the harvest. Faunus gives himself unto the grain; Trivia stirs

her Cauldron in Magick.



Mabon 2014


 L'Equinozio D'Antunno! Descensus Spiritus in Mundi!

Autumn Equinox, Begin Descent into Spirit World

 by Opening the Gates of the Mundus of the Triad:

 Egypt, Greece and Rome,

with a fourth mystery portal opened



Meet and Greet At Mystickal Tymes



Samhain 2014

The Turning of the Wheel

 From Rome to Sumerian


Spirito Morte Invocazione Dei Lapis Manalis Tra R

Death Spirit Invocation of the Lapis Manalis

between the realms of

Rome, Egypt, Greece and Sumeria!

Join us for the Death Ritual

on the Tree of Life, Death and Rebirth!



Community Service

Delaware Valley Interfaith Council

(located at St John Episcopal Church) 

Directed By , Reverend Michael Ruk

Bucks County Opportunity Council,

 Flemington Food Bank,

Morrisville Presbyterian Food Bank




I've never posted a humble brag like this before,

but I have to say how proud I am of Michael Ruk 

and his amazing community in New Hope.

 Right now, he and nearly 200 volunteers are

making and distributing 25,000 meals

to local food pantries and charitable organizations,

 in honor of MLK day.

That's thousands of people who will be fed,

and for only a few hours' work.

Makes you realize the world

isn't a completely terrible place.

BY John Boccanfuso




Yule 2014


The Birth Of Dumuzi, Mithra, Tammuz ...

 A YULE tide Celebration

 Birth Spirit Invocation with the Circle of Ancient Paths

  as we Start the Path in Sumeria! This Ritual will be the

 Birth of Dumuzi and the Return of the Sun and a Healing

 Ritual for Laura and anyone who needs Healing