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MINI CANDLES       $.35   Each

Ideal for affirmations, meditations, visualizations. Each 4" x 1/2" candle burns approximately 2 hours. They are unscented.


CRANBERRYRED Love, passion, energy, enthusiasm, courage (1st Chakra)


ORANGE Strength, authority, attraction, success, joy (2nd Chakra)


YELLOW Clairvoyance, learning, mind, communication (3rd Chakra)


GREEN Healing, money, prosperity, luck, fertility (4th Chakra)


BLUE Healing, meditation, tranquility, forgiveness (5th Chakra)


PURPLE Spirituality, wisdom, psychic awareness (6th Chakra)


WHITE Protection, peace, purity, truth (7th Chakra)


PINK Emotional love, friendships, affection, harmony (4th Chakra)


APPLE GREEN Emotional healing and protection, calming (4th Chakra)


CHERRY RED Self love, enhancing relationships (4th Chakra)


BLACK Absorption & destruction of negative energy (1st Chakra)


SILVER BLUE Intuition, dignity, spiritual shield (6th Chakra)


APRICOT Gentle strength and joy (2nd Chakra)


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Gold & Silver Hand Dipped Mini Candles   $1.25 each

Gold   -  Sun, yang, prosperity,              #MINICANGOLD            
             financial matters

Silver - Moon, yin, female energy          #MINICANSILVER 

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100% Pure Beeswax Mini Candles
8 beeswax candles shrink-wrapped with 4-color informational label.
#MINICANBEESWAX        $10.95

Mini Glass Candleholders

RubyHeart.bmp (7654 bytes)    RUBY HEART               #RUBYHEART           $3.95  

AmethystGlass.bmp (7654 bytes)    AMETHYST GLASS         #AMETHYSTGLASS             $3.95       

FrostedSwirl.bmp (7654 bytes)    FROSTED SWIRL CUBE    #FROSTEDSWIRL         $3.95    

WhiteMini.bmp (7654 bytes)    WHITE MINI PORCELAIN      #WHITEMINI             $2.95    

BlueStar.bmp (7654 bytes)     COBALT BLUE STAR             #BLUESTAR             $3.95      

REVERSIBLE CRYSTAL.bmp (7654 bytes)     REVERSIBLE CRYSTAL          #REVCRYSTAL         $3.95