Last updated 03/14/05

Magickally Blended Candles

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The candles are magickally blended with herbs and oils prepared for your needs.

The votives burn for approximately 13 hours, the pillars approximately 35 hours.

Each candle includes an affirmation card to help you achieve your desired wishes! 


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Item Description Price ITEM# Qty/ Cart
Abundance to attract prosperity, obtain material possessions, increase success Votive  $1.95 CANCCAB-V
Pillars    $9.95   CANCCAB-P
Angel's Influence to call upon and to honor our Angels Votive  $1.95 CANCCAI-V
Pillars    $9.95   CANCCAI-P
Ascended Masters to call upon and to honor our Ascended Masters and our Guides.   To receive messages & gain knowledge from what they have to teach to us Votive  $1.95 CANCCAM-V
Pillars    $9.95   CANCCAM-P
Astral Journey for protection during astral travel or regressions Votive  $1.95 CANCCAJ-V
Pillars    $9.95   CANCCAJ-P
Compassion      pure understanding & emotional feeling Votive  $1.95 CANCCCO-V
Pillars    $9.95   CANCCCO-P
Confidence       uplifts your self-esteem and brings out your talents Votive  $1.95 CANCCCN-V
Pillars    $9.95   CANCCCN-P
Courage provides strength & will in a situation Votive $1.95 CANCCCOUR-V
Pillar $9.95 CANCCCOUR-P
Creativity to open one up creatively Votive $1.95 CANCCCRE-V
Pillar $9.95 CANCCCRE-P

Dragon's Blood    .

Blessing Card n/a for votive.

adds strength to any positive situation; may be used in addition with any  of the other candles.  Also used as an uncrossing candle Votive  $1.95 CANCCDB-V
Pillars    $9.95   CANCCDB-P


to have pleasant dreams; aids in helping to remembering your dreams Votive  $1.95 CANCCDR-V
Pillars    $9.95   CANCCDR-P


to aid in developing friendships, or to start anew Votive  $1.95 CANCCFR-V
Pillars    $9.95   CANCCFR-P

Good Health   

to heal the physical body Votive  $1.95 CANCCGH-V
Pillars    $9.95   CANCCGH-P


to create harmony and peacefulness Votive  $1.95 CANCCHA-V
Pillars    $9.95   CANCCHA-P


use to heal the mind and body Votive  $1.95 CANCCHE-V
Pillars    $9.95   CANCCHE-P
Housewarming   to instill blessings within the home Votive  $1.95 CANCCHO-V
Pillars    $9.95   CANCCHO-P
Joy Happiness, joy, fun Votive $1.95 CANCCJOY-V
Pillar $9.95 CANCCJOY-P


happiness & joy Votive  $1.95 CANCCLA-V
Pillars    $9.95   CANCCLA-P


to instill love within; to attract love into your life Votive  $1.95 CANCCLO-V
Pillars    $9.95   CANCCLO-P

Manifest A Miracle

to aid in granting your most desired wishes Votive  $1.95 CANCCMM-V
Pillars    $9.95   CANCCMM-P

Millennium Spirit

blessings for the turn of the century Votive  $1.95 CANCCMI-V
Pillars    $9.95   CANCCMI-P


to attract prosperity into your life Votive  $1.95 CANCCMO-V
Pillars    $9.95   CANCCMO-P
Motivation   to promote determination, will & strength in any situation Votive  $1.95 CANCCMT-V
Pillars    $9.95   CANCCMT-P
Peace   to create tranquility and serenity within; creates a loving home Votive  $1.95 CANCCPE-V
Pillars    $9.95   CANCCPE-P
Positive Energy  attract all that is positive into your life Votive  $1.95 CANCCPOE-V
Pillars    $9.95   CANCCPOE-P
Power   aids in increasing the power and energy in all spellworking.  Also gaining & retaining personal power. Votive  $1.95 CANCCPO-V
Pillars    $9.95   CANCCPO-P
Problem Solving to help gain the knowledge to solve your problems Votive  $1.95 CANCCPS-V
Pillars    $9.95   CANCCPS-P
Protection use to protect yourself from outside forces; aids in removing any negative influences & dispelling incorrect energies; protects while traveling Votive  $1.95 CANCCPR-V
Pillars    $9.95   CANCCPR-P


to attract a passionate relationship; to bring back lust into a relationship Votive  $1.95 CANCCSE-V
Pillars    $9.95   CANCCSE-P


Item Description Price ITEM# Qty/Cart
four_e_3.jpg (13749 bytes) Can be used for the 4 quarters or as elemental candles $9.95 CANCC4EL