Chakra Taper Candles

The Chakra system is a seven point energy system within us. When all of the chakras are awakened and in balance, we become an overall well being. Each individual candle is prepared for working with your chakras. They are ideal to use during meditations & visualizations for awakening and balancing your inner self.

Chakra Description Size(approx)       Item#        Price      Qty/Cart
1st Root 12" CTCAN1 $8.95
2nd Lower Abdomen 12" CTCAN2 $8.95
3rd Solar Plexus 12" CTCAN3 $8.95
4th Heart 12" CTCAN4 $8.95
5th Throat 12" CTCAN5 $8.95
6th   Third Eye 12" CTCAN6 $8.95
7th Crown 12" CTCAN7 $8.95
The Kits Below are designed to work with your inner Chakra system. They include a 13 to 20 hr. votive candle, the appropriate incense cones(4) and a tumbled Crystal for the Chakra you are working with. 
Chakra        Description                           Item#         Price       Qty/Cart
1st Root MSK1CH $4.95
2nd Lower Abdomen MSK2CH $4.95
3rd  Solar Plexus MSK3CH $4.95
4th    Heart MSK4CH $4.95
5th   Throat MSK5CH $4.95
6th   Third Eye MSK6CH $4.95
7th   Crown  MSK7CH $4.95


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