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Adam & the Kabbalistic Tree Focus on the study of the study of the early kingdom thru the world of souls & spirit to the heavens. Halevi, Z. 0-87728-263-3 15.00
POSI The Bahir The 1st book in any language ever to reveal the methodology of the ancient Kabbalists, this is one of the oldest & most important of all Kabbalistic texts. Kaplan, A. 0-87728-618-3 18.95
POS Book  of Splendours Contains studies on the origins of the Qabalah, the profession of faith & the elements of the Qabalah. Levi, E. 0-87728-614-0 14.95
POS The Cipher of Genesis The original code of the Qabalah as applied to the scriptures. Suares, C. 0-87728-740-6 15.95
The Elements of the Kabbalah in Ten Lessons Letters from Elphas Levi. Levi, E. 1-55818-366-3 6.95
The Enneagram & Kabbalah Discusses the Tree of Life from the Jewish mystickal tradition of Kabbalah, and the 9 pointed enneagram. Rabbi Addison 1-58023-001-6 15.95
The Essential Kabbalah The heart of Jewish mysticism. Matt, D. 0-06-251163-7 14.95
POS The Everyday Kabbalah A practical guide to tranquility & personal growth. Ribner, M. 0-8065-1980-0 12.00
OP Experiencing the Kabbalah A simple guide to spiritual wholeness. Cicero, C & S 1-56718-138-4   9.95
A Garden of Pomegranites Skrying the Tree of Life. Regardie, I. 1-56718-141-4 17.95
CF God, Sex and Kabbalah Rabbi Allen Maller 0-86628-019-7 12.95
Godwin's Cabalistic Encyclopedia A complete guide to Cabalistic Magick. Godwin, D. 1-56718-324-7 34.95
Holy Kabbalah A classic in the field - one of the first studies in the modern era of the Kabbalah.  White, A.E. 0-8065-0522-2 27.95
CF An Introduction to Gnostic Hebrew Qabbal Inner teachings of the sacred Hebrew symbols - interweaving geometry, mathematics & spiritual teachings. Webber, M. 0-9699446-0-8 11.95
Introduction to the Cabala Explains the Tree of Life in 20th-century terms. Halevi, Z. 0-87728-816-X 14.95
OP Kabala of Numbers A classic exposition on the power & significance of numbers. Sepharial 0-87877-027-5   9.95
The Kabbala An intro. to Jewish mysticism & secret doctrine. Bischoff, E. 0-87728-564-0   7.95
Kabbalah Learn the connection between the Kabbalah & the Dybbuk, the Golem & Lilith. Scholem, G. 0-452-01007-1 16.95
OP Kabbalah An intro. & illumination for the world today. Ponce, C. 0-8356-0510-8 12.00
POS Kabbalah and Exodus How to read the Exodus, not as literal history, but as an allegory of the human condition. Kenton,W 0-87728-687-6 14.00
The Kabbalah of the Golden Dawn Discusses the philosophy of Kabbalah as translated & interpreted by Westcott & Mathers. Westcott, W. 1-55818-368-X 8.95
The Kabbalah Unveiled This text contains The Book of Concealed Mystery, The Greater Holy Assembly, and The Lesser Holy Assembly from the Zohar. Mathers, S. 0-87728-557-8 19.95
POS Kabbalah, Your Inner Path To Freedom This illustrated book reveals guidelines to self discovery, deeper cosmic awareness & inner freedom. Williams-Heller, A. 0-8356-0656-2 14.00
A Kabbalistic Universe Correlates symbols & system w/ modern scientific thought & discoveries & describes in detail the origins of the cosmos, its various levels & inhabitants. Halevi, Z. 0-87728-349-4 14.95
POSI The Key to the True Quabloalah Reveals the deepest secrets of Kabbalistic mystical & magical formulas. Bardon, F. 1-885928-05-X 35.95
Man's Quest For God Offers insights that speak deeply to the essence of prayer. Heschel, A. 0-943358-48-5 16.95
Meditation and Kabbalah Meditative methods of the Kabbalah. Kaplan, A. 0-87728-616-7 24.95
Meditation and the Bible A highly radical interpretation of the Bible demonstrating the methods of meditation used by the Prophets to attain their unique states of consciousness. Kaplan, A. 0-87728-617-5 17.50
Minding the Temple of the Soul Balancing body, mind, and spirit through traditional Jewish prayer, movement & meditation. Frankiel & Greenfeld 1-879045-64-8 16.95
Mystery of the Long Lost 8th, 9th & 10th Books of Moses Provides a concise bio. of Moses, Man & Magician.  Plus a discussion of the lost books & their magical secrets. Gamache, H. 0-942272-05-6  6.95
The Mystical Qabalah A thorough & systematic analysis of, & the Ancient Wisdom expressed in the symbolism of the Tree of Life, the glyph that summarizes the yoga of the West. Fortune, D. 0-87728-596-9 12.95
New Revised Sixth & Seventh Books of Moses & Magical Uses of the Psalms Attempts to reorganize a work long hailed by occult masters as a valuable tool in the study & practice of Kabbalistic magic. Gonzalez-Wippler, M. 0-942272-02-1  9.95
OP Practical Guide to Qabalistic Symbolism A compendium of the symbolism found in the Tree of Life of the Qabalah w/ special reference to the Tarot. Knight, G. 0-87728-397-4 37.50
POS Practical Qabalah An excellent first book for those who want to explore Qabalah. Fielding, C. 0-87728-654-X 11.00
POS Psychology and Kabbalah Illuminates psychological processes that relate to the structure & dynamics of the Kabbalistic Tree of Life. Halevi, Z. 0-87728-529-2 14.95
Renewing the Covenant A Kabbalistic guide to Jewish spirituality. Leet, L. 0-89281-713-5 16.95
POS School of the Soul Its paths and pitfalls. Halevi, Z. 0-87728-801-1 14.00
The Secret Doctrine of the Kabbalah Recovering the key to Hebraic sacred science. Leet, L. 0-89281-724-0 19.95
Sefer Yetzirah A translation of the mystical text, includes meditation in the 5 dimensions, the transition from Binah to Chakhma consciousiness & more. Kaplan, A. 0-87728-855-0 24.95
Sepher Yetzirah Golden Dawn studies series number 3. Wescott, W. 1-55818-333-7 9.95
The Sword of Moses The Ancient Book of Magic. Gaster, M. 1-55818-163-6   8.95
This is for Everyone Universal principles of healing & Jewish mystics. Rabbi Goldhamer & Stengel, M. 0-943914-93-0 14.95
The Way of Kabbalah Detailed studies of the disciplines involved in the theory & practice of Kabbalistic knowledge. Halevi, Z. 0-87728-305-2 17.95
The Work of the Kabbalist Explains the ritual, relates the Tree of Life to depth psychology, & provides useful exercises. Halevi, Z. 0-87728-637-X 16.95