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Australian Tea Tree Oil Guide Contains up-to-date clinical research into tea tree oils effectiveness.  Covers harvesting & production of tea tree oil. Olsen, C. 0-9628882-8-1 8.50  
The Book of Herbal Wisdom Using plants as medicines. Wood, M. 1-55643-232-1 18.95  
The Chinese Herbalist's Handbook Demystifies Chinese herbal medicine & assists practitioners in making the transition from textbook knowledge to effective clinical application. Ebling, D. 1-56690-312-2 39.95  
Chinese Traditional Herbal Medicine  Two Volume Set Vol. 1 focuses on the theory, principles, methods & treatments.  Vol. 2 provides an extensive materia medica & herbal resource organized & developed for the Western practitioner. Tierra, M. & L. 0-914955-47-0 45.95  
A Compendium of Herbal Magick Presents lore & corresponding usage for 330 magical herbs.  Includes authentic folklore. Beryl, P. 0-919345-45-X 24.50  
The Complete Illust.Holistic Herbal A safe & practical guide to making & using herbal remedies. Hoffmann, D. 1-85230-758-7 24.95  
The Complete Incense Book Instructions for preparing incense, planning ceremonies, mixing herbs.  Full color throughout. Fischer-Rizzi, S. 0-8069-9987-X 19.95  
Culpeper's Complete Herbal & English Physician The uses & knowledge of herbs. Culpeper, N. 0-916638-20-0 12.50  
Culpeper's Medicine A practice of Western holistic medicine. Tobyn, G. 1-85230-943-1 29.95  
Earl Mindell's Herb Bible Provides basic info. about the safe & effective use of herbs. Mindell, E. 0-617-76122-6 13.00  
Encyclopedia of Magical Herbs Over 400 illustrations of herbs.   Includes the common, folk, & scientific names of the herb or plant, its ruling planet, ruling element, assoc. god/dess, its healing & magickal powers & more! Cunningham, S. 0-87542-122-9 14.95  
The Energetics of Western Herbs   Volume 1 A comprehensive reference providing easy access to important & reliable info. needed to select appropriate herbal remedies for many conditions.  Presents 228 botanical remedies & treatments. Holmes, P. 1-890029-06-8 50.00  
The Energetics of Western Herbs   Volume 2 A continuation of material contained in Volume 1. Holmes, P. 1-890029-07-6 50.00  
Essiac - A Native Herbal Cancer Remedy A native herbal cancer remedy. Olsen, C. 0-9628882-5-7 12.50  
Frankincense & Myrrh Through the ages and a complete guide to their use in herbalism & aromatherapy today. Watt, M. & Sellar, W. 0-85207-306-2 15.95  
The Great Book of Hemp The complete guide to the environmental, commercial & medicinal uses of hemp. Robinson, R. 0-89281-541-8 19.95  
Green Pharmacy The history & evolution of Western herbal medicine. Griggs, B. 0-89281-727-5 19.95  
The Green Witch Herbal Restoring nature's magic in home, health & beauty care. Griggs, B. 0-89281-496-9 14.95  
Heal Your Life With Home Remedies and Herbs A practical, simple to use guide on the use of herbs, healing with herbs, nutrition, healing oils & tinctures, and more! Kroeger, H. 1-56170-512-8 12.95  
Healing Power of Herbs A complete sourcebook on herbs & their healing powers. Bethel, M. 0-87980-047-X   5.00  
A Healer's Herbal A recipe book of medicinal herbs. Aloysius, B 1-57863-106-8 19.95  
Healing Teas How to prepare & use teas to maximize your health. Antol, M. 0-89529-707-8 12.95  
Healing with Herbs A-Z How to heal your mind & body w/ herbs, home remedies & minerals. Kroeger, H. 1-56170-488-1 17.95  
Hemp for Health The nutritional & medicinal uses of cannabis sativa. Conrad, C. 0-89281-539-6 14.95  
The Herbal Arts A handbook for gardening, recipes, healing, crafts, & spirituality. Telesco, P. 0-8065-1964-9 12.95  
The Herbal Handbook A user's guide to medical herbalism. Hoffman, D. 0-89281-782-8 12.95  
Herbal Healing for Women Simple home remedies for women of all ages. Gladstar, R. 0-671-76767-4 12.00  
Herbal Healing Secrets of the Orient Shows you how to harness the healing power of the 108 herbs that are the foundations of Chinese medicine, includes recipies. L'Orange, D. 0-13-849316-2 14.95  
Herbal Medicine Includes a comprehensive subject index of almost 2,000 entries, full reference throughout. Weiss, R. 0-906584-19-1 60.00  
Herbal Rituals Each monthly chapter discusses one herb in detail, this book records a month by month, a year-long journey through the Earth's natural cycles. Berger, J. 0-312-19281-9 23.95  
Herbalism Provides a clear & comprehensive intro. to the use & application of herbs & their medicinal value. Shaw, N. 1-86204-224-1 19.95  
The Herbalist Descriptions of plants & herbs, their many uses on healing, teas, cosmetics, spices & more.  Incl. color illustrations. Meyer, J. 0-916638-00-6 11.95  
Herbs for Magic and Ritual A beginner's guide. Moorey, T. 0-340-67415-6 11.95  
How To Be Your Own Herbal Pharmacist A must for all students & users of medicinal herbs, a facinating reference on applications of herbs.  Illustrations. Rector-Page, L. 1-884334-77-6 18.95  
Japanese Herbal Medicine The healing art of Kempo.   Kempo is an ancient form of healing & is a system of herbal mixtures designed to cure.  A complete guide on herbs, their uses & more. Rister, R. 0-89529-836-8 16.95  
Kava - Nature's Relaxant for Anxiety, Stress and Pain Properties & historical uses, applications, instructions on useage. Walji, H., Ph.D. 0-934252-78-5   9.95  
Kava: Medicine Hunting in Paradise A journey through the mystical legends, history & exciting science surrounding kava. Kilham, C. 0-89281-640-6 12.95  
Kava: The Pacific Elixir The definitive guide to its ethnobotany, history & chemistry Lebot, V. 0-89281-726-7 19.95  
The Magical and Ritual Use of Herbs Describes the historical use, chemical structure, preparations & magickal uses for 19 of conscious perception herbs. Miller, R. 0-89281-401-2 10.95  
The Master Book of Herbalism Describes the remedial use of herbs, tools & techniques for herbalism, herbal magick, the tarot, rituals, astrology, amulets & gemstones. Beyerl, P. 0-919345-53-0 14.95  
Medicine Grove - A Shamanic Herbal A comprehensive herbal, w/ listings for every common herb & many wild plants in N. America, guidelines for incorporating the herbs into one's spiritual life. Cruden, L. 0-89281-647-3 14.95  
Medicine of the Earth Legends, recipies, remedies, & cultivation of healing plants. Fischer-Rizzi,S. 0-915801-59-0 16.95  
Menopausal Years the Wise Woman Way Alternative approaches for women 30-90 Weed, S. 0-9614620-4-3   9.95  
Miracle Herbs How herbs combine w/ modern medicine to treat cancer, heart disease, AIDS, and more. Holt, S. & Coman, L. 1-55972-463-3 22.50  
Mother Nature's Herbal A complete guide on herbs, and their many uses. Griffin, J., Ph.D. 1-56718-340-9 19.95  
Natural Healing with Herbs Excellent reference book on traditional & modern healing methods.  Santillo, H. 0-934252-08-4 16.95  
Nature's Healing Agents Devoted to the use of herbal tinctures for the prevention & elimination of illness. Clymer, R. 0-916638-51-0 10.95  
The New Holistic Herbal A herbal celebrating the wholeness of life. Hoffmann, D. 1-85230-193-7 16.95  
Outline Guide to Chinese Herbal Patent Medicines in Pill Form An intro. to Chinese herbal medicine. Naeser, M. 0-9625651-1-3 29.95  
Plants of the Gods Their sacred, healing & hallucinogenic powers. Schultes & Hofmann 0-89281-406-3 22.95  
Pocket Herbal Reference Guide Describes the appropriate use of herbs in an easily referenced format. Nuzzi, D. 0-89594-568-1 6.95  
The Prozac Alternative Natural relief from depression with St. John's Wort, Kava, & other alternative therapies. Knishinsky, R. 0-89281-791-7 12.95  
Soma The divine hallucinogen. Describes this divine nectar, its' religious & ritual uses. Spess, D. 0-89281-731-3 30.00  
The Three Great Healing Herbs Talks about tea tree, St. John's Wort, & black cumin in full detail. Junemann & Luetjohann 0-914955-55-1 14.95  
Today's Herbal Health Lists herbs & their uses & treatments. Tenney, L. 0-913923-83-4 16.95  
Today's Herbal Health for Women The modern woman's natural health guide. Tenney, L. 1-885670-35-4 12.95  
Tree Medicine Tree Magic Herbal & magickal lore relating to trees. Hopman, E. 0-919345-55-7 12.95  
Wise Woman Herbal for the Childbearing Year Simple, safe remedies for distresses of pregnancy, childbirth & infancy.  This book is a must for every woman! Weed, S. 0-9614620-0-0   9.95  
Wise Woman Herbal Healing Wise Includes recipies, herbal remedies for various problems, listing of herbs. Weed, S. 0-9614620-2-7 12.95  

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