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Title Description Author IBSN# Price Qty/ Cart
CF Alchemy For Women Personal transformation through dreams & the female cycle. Shuttle & Redgrove XXX321 9.95
POS Casting the Circle A woman's book of ritual. Stein, D 0-89594-411-1 14.95
POS The Crone Oracles Initiate's guide to the ancient mysteries. Ransom, V & Bernstein 0-87728-800-3 14.95
POS Evoking the Goddess Initiation, worship, & the eternal feminine in the Western mysteries. Knight, G 0-89281-403-9 12.95
POS The Goddess A beginner's guide. Morey, T 0-340-68390-2 11.95
OP The Goddess Celebrates An anthology of women's rituals. Stein, D 0-89594-460-X 14.95
Goddess In My Pocket Easy to follow spells, charms, potions & more Telesco, P 0-06-251550-0 10.00
The Goddess In the Office A personal energy guide for the spiritual warrior at work Budapest, Z 0-06-250087-2 13.00
OP Goddess Meditations Bring the presence of the Goddess into your life w/ daily spiritual practices. Ardinger, B 1-56718-034-5 17.95
POS The Goddess Path Myths, invocations & rituals. Monaghan, P 1-56718-467-7 14.95
Grandmother Moon Lunar Magic in our lives.  Spells, rituals, Goddesses, legends & emotions under the moon. Budapest, Z 0-06-250114-3 19.00
The Grandmother of Time A woman's book of celebrations, spells, & sacred objects for every month of the year. Budapest, Z 0-06-250109-7 18.95
POS Ishtar Rising  Myths & perceptions of the Goddess. Wilson, R 1561841099 14.95
Kali The black Goddess of Dakshineswar. Harding, E 0-89254-025-7 18.95
POS Kuan Yin Myths & prophecies of the Chinese Goddess of Compassion. Palmer, M & Ramsay, J 1-85538-417-5 18.00
POS Reclaiming Goddess Sexuality The power of the feminine way. Savage, L 1-56170-607-8 13.95
Redemption of the Feminine Erotic Soul Insight on how modern day women can relate to their own erotic-sensual energies & retain soulful unity. Hillel, R 0-89254-038-9 16.95
Sacred Woman, Sacred Dance Awakening spirituality through dance & ritual. Stewart, I 0-89281-605-8 29.95
Sophia Aspects of the Divine feminine, past & present. Schaup, S 0-89254-036-2 18.95
Sophia - Maria A holistic vision of creation. Schipflinger, T 1-57863-022-3 22.95
365 Goddess A daily guide to the magic & inspiration of the Goddess. Telesco, P 0-06-251568-3 14.00
Truth or Dare  Encounters with power, authority &   mystery. Starhawk 0-06-250816-4 18.95
The Woman's Dict. of Symbols & Sacred Objects Guide to the history & mythology of woman-related symbols. Walker, B 0-06-250923-3 27.95
The Woman's Ency. of Myths and Secrets Presenting the facinating stories behind word origins, legends, superstitions & customs. Walker, B 0-06-250925-X 34.00
POS Women's Rituals A guide & sourcebook. Walker, B 0-06-250939-X 17.00

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