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Title Description Author IBSN# PRICE Qty/ Cart
OP Beyond Heroics Offers 12 life enhancing exercises for developing a modern mythology based on the sacredness of life. McMurray 0-89254-031-1 12.95
OP Fairies At Work and At Play Meet the magickal miniature world of faeries and nature devas. Hodson, G 0-8356-0553-1 10.95
OP The Handbook of Ancient Wisdom Draws together 40 different kinds of magick from all around the world. Eason, C. 0-8069-1353-3 12.95
POS Magickal Mythical Mystical Beasts  A dictionary of explanations. Conway, D.J. 1-56718-176-7 14.95
POS Mithras Mysteries & initiation rediscovered Cooper, D.J. 0-87728-865-8 12.95
The Mythic Imagination A quest for meaning through personal mythology. Larsen, S 0-89281-574-4 16.95
Ring of Power Symbols & themes, love vs. power in Wagner's ring cycle & in us. Bolen, J. 0-89254-043-5 18.95
The Serpent Myth Golden Dawn studies series number 9 Westcott, W 1-55818-339-6 5.95
Shambhala Behind the myth of the fabled Himalayan kingdom. LePage, V 0-8356-0750-X 16.00

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