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garden02.jpg (20966 bytes) A Garden of Pomegranates:
Skrying on the Tree of Life
A simple yet comprehensive guidebook outlining the complex system of the Qabalah and providing a key to its symbolism. Regardie, I. 1-56718-141-4 17.95
advanc01.jpg (16047 bytes) Advanced Candle Magick: More Spells and Rituals for Every
In Advanced Candle Magick, you'll use advanced spells,     prepara tory work, visualization & astrol ogy to improve and enhance your results. Buckland, R. 1-56718-103-1 12.95
americ01.jpg (23018 bytes) OP American Folk Magick Today Pennsylvania Dutch Country Pow-Wow Magick has virtually disappeared, with a few remaining to tell the real story of life in early America.  Revives the chants, charms, spells and healing methods of a vital heritage. Ravenwolf, S 1-56718-720-X 14.95
An ABC Of Witchcraft A history of spells, charms, secret meetings, rituals, this guidebook reveals Wicca as a way of life. Valiente, D 0-919345-77-8 16.95
ancien02.jpg (26799 bytes) Ancient Ways Focuses on the celebration of the Sabbats of the Old Religion by giving you practical things to do while anticipating the sabbat rites, and helping you harness the magical energy for weeks afterward. Campanelli, P 0-87542-090-7 14.95
POSI The Ancient Modern Witch Based on a landmark lecture given by the author on Halloween, 1990 at the Speak Easy in Greenwich Village, N.Y. Weinstein, M 0-9604128-4-0 6.95
animal01.jpg (16347 bytes) Animal Magick Gives practical meditations, rituals, &  power chants for be- friending, under- standing, & using the magick of familiars. Conway, D.J. 1-56718-168-6 13.95
animal02.jpg (21034 bytes) Animal-Speak Helps you meet &  work with animals as totems and spirits-by learning the language of their behaviors with in the physical world. I Andrews, T 0-87542-028-1 17.95
Aradia Gospel of the Witches Leland, C 0-919345-34-4 21.50
arthur01.jpg (19939 bytes) OP The Arthurian Quest Takes you through guided journeys, experiential exercises & spiritual ceremonies to activate the trans- formative power of ancient legends. Wolfe, A 1-56718-806-0 24.95
CF Attracting Money The art of prosperity with spirit help. Dolfyn XXX003 2.95
OP A Bard's Book of Pagan Songs Stories and Music from the Celtic World  CD included Hugin the Bard 1-56718-658-0 19.95
bluero01.jpg (14137 bytes) OP Blue Roots: African-American
Folk Magic of the Gullah People
Raised in the heart of Gullah country, author  provides an inside look at the history, practices and people that make up this colorful American subculture. Roger Pinckney 1-56718-524-X 12.95
A Book Of Pagan Rituals Collection of rituals, practices, exercises. Slater, H 0-87728-348-6 14.95
AD Bough Down - Praying with the Tree Spirits How to pray to trees in a language that they, & all nature spirits will understand. Dolfyn XXX004 3.95
buckla01.jpg (14473 bytes) Buckland's Complete Book of Witchcraft Here is the most complete resource to the study and practice of modern, non-deno- minational Wicca. Buckland, R 0-87542-050-8 16.95
POS Celebrating Times Of Change  A Wiccan book of shadows for family & coven growth. Modrzyk, S 0-87728-820-8 11.00
celtic02.jpg (24068 bytes) Celtic Myth & Magick Tap into the mythic power of the Celtic goddesses, gods, heroes & heroines to aid your spiritual quests & magickal goals. How to use creative ritual &  pathworking to align yourself with the energy of these archetypes. McCoy, E 1-56718-661-0 19.95
celtic03.jpg (22192 bytes) Celtic Tree Mysteries: Secrets of the Ogham Revives the ancient knowledge & lore of the trees w/ a practi- cal system of magical ritual & divination. Stephen Blamires 1-56718-070-1 14.95
celtic06.jpg (24815 bytes) Celtic Women's Spirituality How you can successfully create a personalized pathway linking two important aspects of the self-the femi nine & the hereditary Celtic-& as a result become a whole, power- ful woman, awake to the new realities. McCoy, E 1-56718-672-6 16.95
A Century Of Spells Based on various traditions, this book shows us how to constructively use spells & tools. Mickaharic, D 0-87728-647-7 8.95
chigun01.jpg (9748 bytes) Chi Gung Chinese healing, energy & natural magick. L.V. Carnie 1-56718-113-9 17.50
circle02.jpg (18422 bytes) Circles of Power Ritual magic in the western tradition John Greer 1-56718-313-1 20.00
comple02.jpg (19162 bytes) OP The Complete Book of Magical
Written from a Wiccan perspective by a practicing priestess, this book contains nearly 5,000 names taken from modern & ancient sources. Phoenix McFarland 1-56718-251-8 19.95
covenc01.jpg (22610 bytes) Covencraft Here is the complete guidebook for anyone who desires to practice Witchcraft in a caring, challenging, well- organized spiritual support group: a coven. K, Amber 1-56718-018-3 17.95
crafti01.jpg (17528 bytes) OP The Crafting & Use of Ritual Tools Step-by-Step Instructions for
Woodcrafting Religious & Magical  Implements.
Harris, E & P 1-56718-346-8 14.95
dancin01.jpg (21470 bytes) Dancing with Dragons: Invoke Their Ageless Wisdom & Power You can access one of the most potent life forces in the astral universe: the wise and magickal dragon. D.J. Conway 1-56718-165-1 14.95
dancin03.jpg (50128 bytes) OP Dancing With the Sun - Celebrating the Seasons of Life You'll find in-depth information and complete rituals for each of the Sabbats, which you can use "as is" or as a found- ation on which to build your own rites. Galenorn, Y 1-56718-300-X 14.95
darkmo01.jpg (27930 bytes) OP Dark Moon Mysteries Dark Moon Mysteries is the first book to explore the "dark side" of spirit, ritual, symbol, psyche, and magic. Roderick, T 1-56718-345-X 14.95
AD Devotions To The Saints Prayers, patron saints, biographies of the saints are incl. Riva, A 0-9438-3208-X 4.95
Drawing Down the Moon Witches, Druids, Goddess-worshippers, & other Pagans in America today. Adler, M 0-14-019536-X 16.95
A Druid's Herbal For The Sacred Earth Year Takes the reader through the 8 major festivals of the pagan year & the appropriate herbs/rituals to celebrate. Hopman, E 0-89281-501-9 12.95
earthg01.jpg (11995 bytes) OP Earth God Rising The how-to section of this book shows how to make direct contact with your most ancient potentials, as exemplified by the Goddess and the Horned God. Richardon, A 0-87542-672-7 9.95
Earth Magic A Dianic book of shadows. Weinstein, M 1-890733-00-8 13.00
earthp01.jpg (24009 bytes) POS Earth Power This book gives you the means to put Magick into your life, shows you how to make & use the tools,  gives you spells for every purpose. Cunningham, S 0-87542-121-0 9.95
eartha01.jpg (22801 bytes) Earth, Air, Fire & Water includes more than 75 spells, rituals & cere- monies with detailed instructions for designing your own magical spells. Cunningham, S 0-87542-131-8 9.95
Eight Sabbats For Witches And rites for birth, marriage & death. Farrar, J & S 0-919345-26-3 16.95
elemen01.jpg (25698 bytes) OP Elemental Power Celtic faerie craft & Druidic magic. Wolfe, A 1-56718-807-9 14.95
Enchantments of the Faerie Realm Ways of connecting with the fae. Andrews, T 0-87542-002-8 10.00
enochi02.jpg (15968 bytes) POS The Enochian Magick of  Dr.
John Dee
Among the most powerful in the Western tradition, & it has been enormously influential in the practices of the Order of the Golden Dawn. Geoffrey James 1-56718-367-0 14.95
egypti01.jpg (20572 bytes) OP Egyptian Magick It provides modern translations of the famous magickal texts known as The Book of the Dead, & shows that they are not simply religious prayers or spells to be spoken over the body of a dead king. Gerald & Betty Schueler 1-56718-604-1 19.95
embra01.jpg (18166 bytes) Embracing the Moon A Witch's Guide to Rituals, Spellcraft and Shadow Work. Galenorn, Y 1-56718-304-2 14.95
everyd01.jpg (17989 bytes) Everyday Magic Spells & rituals for modern living. Dorothy Morrison 1-56718-469-3 9.95
experi01.jpg (21986 bytes) OP Experiencing the Kabbalah: It shows us the origin of the entire cosmos, the eternal mind of God, and the spiritual development of humankind.  Chic & Sandra Tabatha Cicero 1-56718-138-4 9.95
faerie01.jpg (25158 bytes) OP The Faerie Way Offers a vision of the universe as dizzying &  dazzling as the wildest speculations of quantum physics.  Mynne, H 1-56718-483-9 12.95
falcon01.jpg (22087 bytes) OP Falcon Feather & Valkyrie Sword
Feminine shamanism, witchcraft, magick. D.J. Conway 1-56718-163-5 19.95
family01.jpg (31519 bytes) OP The Family Wicca Book The Craft for Parents & Children. O'Gaea, A 0-87542-591-7 9.95
finnis01.jpg (21714 bytes) OP Finnish Magic In Finnish Magic you will learn of their gods, spirits, rituals the ancient mages used to gain power and knowledge. It is for any- one who seeks a path that includes song, intuition, visions reverence to nature. Robert Nelson 1-56718-489-8 7.95
fortun02.jpg (18398 bytes) OP Fortune in a Coffee Cup Divination with coffee grounds. Sophia 1-56718-610-6 9.95
glamor01.jpg (20848 bytes) Glamoury Magic of the Celtic green world. Steve Blamires 1-56718-069-8 16.95
The God Of The Witches Traces the worship of the pre-Christian & prehistoric Horned God from paleolithic times to the medieval period. Murray, M 0-19-501270-4 11.95
goddes01.jpg (17421 bytes) OP Goddess Meditations Bring the presence of the Goddess into your daily spiritual practice  73 unique guided meditations created for women & men who want to find a place of centeredness &   serenity in their lives, both alone & in groups, either in rituals or informally. Ardinger, B 1-56718-034-5 17.95
CF Goddess Spirituality Book Magickal paths, elements of ritual, Lunar Magick & more! Morgan, F 1-8801630-06-8 13.00
The Gods Of Man A small dictionary of the Pagan Gods & Goddesses. Owens, D 1-57353-103-0 5.00
CF A Good Witch's Guide to Life A guide into the world of Wicca. Frost, G & Y 1-889537-00-4 7.95
godwin01.jpg (19319 bytes) Godwin's Cabalistic
A complete guide to Cabalistic magic. David Godwin 1-56718-324-7 29.95
OP The Grail Castle Male myths & mysteries in the Celtic tradition. Johnson, K & Elsbeth, M 1-56718-369-7 14.95
greenf01.jpg (27263 bytes) OP Greenfire: Making Love with the
You & your partner can apply the vast energy generated by sexual union &  orgasm to improve every facet of your life, spirituality & relation ship! Sirona Knight 1-56718-386-7 14.95
greenw01.jpg (26519 bytes) Green Witchcraft Folk Magic, Fairy Lore & Herb Craft Moura, A 1-56718-690-4 14.95
greenw02.jpg (13924 bytes) Green Witchcraft II In this sequel to Green Witchcraft, hereditary witch Ann Moura dispels the common misunder- standings & pre judices against the "shadow side" of nature, the self, &   the Divine. Moura, A 1-56718-689-0 12.95
  Green Witchcraft 3 Moura, A 1-56718-688-2 12.95
Green Magic  The healing power of herbs, talismans & stones. Morwyn 0-924608-18-8 16.95
grimoi01.jpg (20068 bytes) OP A Grimoire of Shadows Witchcraft, Paganism, & Magick Fitch, E 1-56718-659-9 16.95
Growing Into The Light Long, F 0-87516-043-3 9.95
gypsyw01.jpg (19235 bytes) OP Gypsy Witchcraft &  Magic Raymond Buckland seeks to recapture the romance & charm of this culture's mystical past and present in Gypsy Witchcraft & Magic . Buckland, R. 1-56718-097-3 17.95
hawaii01.jpg (19468 bytes) OP Hawaiian Religion & Magick This is the 1st book solely devoted to the spirituality of the Hawaiian people & how taboos, superstitions & magical practices permeated & defined every aspect of their lives Cunningham, S 1-56718-199-6 12.95
The Healing Craft Presents various health & healing subjects from a Wiccan/pagan point of view. Farrar & Bone 0-919345-18-2 16.95
Helping Yourself With White Witchcraft Ceremonial magick of white witchcraft. Manning, A 0-13-386573-8 9.95
High Magic's Aid Writing under the nom-de-plum "Scire", Gerald B. Gardner pub. this fictional work in 1946. Scire 0-9630657-8-5 12.95
High Priestess The life & times of Patricia Crowther. Crowther, P 0-919345-87-5 15.50
The Holy Book Of Women's Mysteries Complete gde. to the principles & practices of matriarchal religion. Budapest, Z 0-914728-67-9 17.50
POSI The Holy Book of the Devas Inspiring myths of the herbal kingdom. Beyerl, P 0-9655687-1-7 16.95
CF How To Make Amulets, Charms & Talismans What they mean & how to use them. Lippman & Colin 0-8065-1572-4 14.95
inprai01.jpg (18121 bytes) POSI In Praise of the Crone Alleviates the nega tivity & fear surround ing menopause with a wealth of meditations, invoca- tions, rituals, spells, chants, songs, recipes and other tips that will help you successfully face your own emotional and spiritual challenges. Morrison, D 1-56718-468-5 14.95
inside02.jpg (16656 bytes) OP Inside A Witches' Coven Gives you an insider's look at how a real Witches' coven operates, from initiation & secret vows to parting rituals. McCoy, E 1-56718-666-1 9.95
inside01.jpg (9751 bytes) Inside a Magical Lodge Group ritual in the western tradition John Greer 1-56718-314 17.95
OP The Invisible Temple Roche de Coppens 0-87542-676-X 9.95
isleof01.jpg (27768 bytes) OP Isle of Avalon Sacred mysteries of Arthur & Glastonbury Tor. Mann, N 1-56718-459-6 14.95
waysof01.jpg (21259 bytes) Italian Witchcraft

(Ways of the Strega)

Its Legends, Lore, & Spells. Raven Grimassi 1-56718-593 20.00
journe02.jpg (18571 bytes) OP Journey to Machu Picchu Spiritual wisdom from the Andes. Carol Cumes Romulo Lizarraga Valencia 1-56718-186-4 19.95
jaguar01.jpg (19743 bytes) OP Jaguar Wisdom Mayan calendar magic. Kenneth Johnson 1-56718-372-7 14.95
kitche01.jpg (19738 bytes) A Kitchen Witch's Cookbook A unique blend of tasty recipes, humor, history & practical magical tech- niques that will show you how cooking can reflect your spiritual beliefs as well as delightfully appease your hunger! Telesco, P 1-56718-707-2 17.95
ladyof01.jpg (19961 bytes) OP Lady of the Night A handbook of moon magick & rituals. McCoy, E 1-56718-660-2 14.95
Lamp Of The Goddess Lives & teachings of a Priestess. Beth, R 0-87728-848-8 9.95
CF Law Enforcement Guide To Wicca Provides a clear & concise examination of the religion of Wicca. Cubulain, K 0-9696066-0-5 9.95
OP Life Magic The power of positive witchcraft. Bowes, S 0-684-85354-X 21.00
OP Living Between Two Worlds Clifton, C 1-56718-151-1 12.95
living03.jpg (21688 bytes) Living Wicca A Further Guide for the Solitary Practi- tioner.  For those who have made the conscious decision to bring their Wiccan  spirituality into their everyday lives. Cunningham, S 0-87542-184-9 12.95
lordof01.jpg (25471 bytes) OP Lord Of Light & Shadow Early humans revered the great Goddess and all Her personali- zed aspects, but they also revered the God as Her necessary and important consort/ lover/son. Leads you through the myths of the world's diverse cultures to find the archetypal Pagan God hidden behind all of them. Conway, D.J. 1-56718-177-5 14.95
lostbo01.jpg (17146 bytes) The Lost Books of Merlyn
Druid magic from the age of Arthur. Douglas Monroe 1-56718-471-5 14.95
Love Charms Advise, quotes & spells for love. Pepper, E XXXL1 5.95
Love, Sex and Magick Exploring the spiritual union between male & female. Knight, S 0-8065-2043-4 12.00
madabo01.jpg (14789 bytes) Mad About Mead Mad About Mead is geared to those who are intrigued by the "idea" of mead as well as to those who actually make it. Spence, P 1-56718-683-1 12.95
NIP Magic For Peace CANCELLED Weinstein,M 0-9604128-5-9 7.95
magica12.jpg (21236 bytes) OP The Magical Pantheons A Golden Dawn Journal. Cicero, C & S 1-56718-861-3 14.95
magick05.jpg (16854 bytes) Magick for Beginners The power to change your world. J.H. Brennan 1-56718-086-8 9.95
The Magic Power Of Witchcraft REVISED 2002 Easy procedures on spellworking. Frost, G & Y 0735200939 12.00
CF Magical Charms, Potions & Secrets For Love Largest collection of love spells. Nagel, C.A. XXX009 5.95
magica13.jpg (18280 bytes) OP Magical Fabric Art: Spellwork & Wishcraft through Patchwork
Quilting and Sewing
By helping you to focus your personal power of creativity toward a specific goal, the construction itself can bring about a change in your inner and outer lives. Sandra McCraw Scarpa 1-56718-653-X 15.95
Magical Hearth Discusses magickal & medicinal herbs, spells for the home & more! Thompson, J 0-87728-824-0 9.95
magica09.jpg (15984 bytes) OP Magical Gardens: Myths, Mulch and Marigolds Magical Gardens offers insights in making a more conscious connection between soul and soil, between humus and the human spirit. Patricia Monaghan 1-56718-466-9 14.95
magica05.jpg (34962 bytes) POS Magickal, Mythical, Mystical Beasts: How to Invite Them Into Your Life In ancient times, magicians knew the esoteric meanings of these beings and called upon them for aid. This ability remains within us today, latent in our super- conscious minds, waiting for us to re- establish communi- cation with our astral helpers. D.J. Conway 1-56718-176-7 14.95
magica11.jpg (19807 bytes) Magical Needlework 35 Original Projects & Patterns Dorothy Morrison 1-56718-470-7 17.95
OP The Magical Practices of Talismans Skelton, R 0-88878-309-4 14.95
magica14.jpg (16507 bytes) The Magical Power of the Saints
Evocation and candle rituals. Reverend Ray T. Malbrough 1-56718-456-1 9.95
Magical Rites From The Crystal Well The simple rites in this book are presented to you as a means of finding your own way back to nature; for discovering and experiencing the beauty and the magic of unity with the source.

Fitch, E 0-87542-230-6 12.95
Magick Potions How to prepare & use homemade oils, aphrodisiacs, brews & much more. Dunwich, G 0-8065-1982-7 12.00
POS The Magickal Year  Sourcing our pagan past. Ferguson, D 0-87728-882-8 29.95
maiden01.jpg (18750 bytes) Maiden, Mother, Crone A guide to the myths and interpretations of the Great Goddess archetype and her three faces, so that we may better understand and more peacefully accept the cycle of birth and death. Conway, D.J. 0-87542-171-7 12.95
making01.jpg (16296 bytes) POS Making Magick A complete course in natural magick that answers these and hundreds of other questions. Through exercises designed to develop basic skills, it lays a firm foundation of elemental magickal wisdom. McCoy, E 1-56718-670-X 14.95
middle01.jpg (21691 bytes) The Middle Pillar The balance between mind & magic formerly The Middle Pillar. Israel Regardie, Chic & Sandra Tabatha Cicero 1-56718-140-6 14.95
AD The Modern Herbal Spellbook The magical use of herbs. Riva, A 0-943-83203-9 4.95
modern02.jpg (19504 bytes) Modern Sex Magick: Secrets of Erotic Spirituality Provides easy and precise exercises that prepare you to use the magical energy raised during sexual activity, and then it shows you how to work with that energy to create positive changes in your life. Donald Michael Kraig 1-56718-394-8 17.95
AD The Modern Witchcraft Spellbook Spells are compiled from the ancient folklore, various occult writings & other mystical sources. Riva, A 0-9438-3202-0 4.95
moonlo01.jpg (27875 bytes) OP Moon Lore Myths & folklore from around the world. Gwydion O'Hara 1-56718-342-5 9.95
moonfl01.jpg (24060 bytes) OP Moonflower This companion to Greenfire: Making Love with the Goddess provides instruction for the solitary practitioner based on rituals and spiritual techniques from the Gwyddonic Druidic tradition. Knight, S 1-56718-385-9 19.95
moonma01.jpg (19571 bytes) Moon Magick Myth & magic, crafts & recipes, rituals & spells. D.J. Conway 1-56718-167-8 17.95
Money Spells & Charms Various spells for acquiring money. Jade 0-942272-44-7 5.95
myster01.jpg (21955 bytes) The Mysteries of Isis Her worship & magick. Regula, deTraci 1-56718-560-6 19.95
CF Mysteries of the Goddess Astrology, Tarot & the Magickal Arts. Morgan, F 1-880130-37-8 13.00
CF Mystic Meow, The Way of the Cat Spirits Symbolism, medicine & power of cats in different cultures & religious beliefs. Dolfyn XXX06 2.95
myster03.jpg (19617 bytes) OP The Mysterious Magickal Cat Cats are mysterious, mystical creatures who can do anything from pre- dicting earthquakes and volcanic eruptions to reacting to haunted buildings and following the movement of things you can't see. D.J. Conway 1-56718-180-5 15.95
Natural Magic Magic of herbs, flowers, amulets, talismans, spells, & much more. Valiente, D 0-919345-80-8 12.50
The Neo-Pagan Essence This collection covers the history, survival, & current state of Paganism in entertaining essays. Selected Papers from the Church of All Worlds 1-57353-102-2 5.00
newboo01.jpg (18857 bytes) OP The New Book of Goddesses & Heroines The third edition of this classic reference offers a complete, shining collection of goddess
myths from around the globe.
Monaghan, P 1-56718-465-0 19.95
northe02.jpg (22403 bytes) Northern Mysteries and Magick Runes, Gods & feminine powers. Freya Aswynn 1-56718-047-7 14.95
Of Witches Celebrating the Goddess as a Solitary Pagan. Thompson, J 0-87728-762-7 9.95
CF Old Love Charms & Spells Recipies for herbal blends, incense making, oils. Britan, T 0-943832-26-2 4.95
OP The Pagan Book of Days A gde. to the festivals, traditions, & sacred days of the year. Pennick, N 0-89281-369-5 9.95
The Pagan Book of Living & Dying Practical rituals, prayers, blessings & meditations on crossing over. Starhawk & Nightmare 0-06-251516-0 18.00
The Pagan Path A thorough presentation of neopagan philosophy written in an intelligent & calm manner. Farrar, J & S 0-919345-40-9 16.50
riteso01.jpg (12946 bytes) OP Pagan Rites of Passage A complete & cohesive system of rites that draw upon ancient Pagan traditions of many cultures to celebrate the inevitable life transitions of those on the Pagan path. Pauline & Dan Campanelli 1-56718-111-2 14.95
paganw01.jpg (18200 bytes) Pagan Ways Pagan Ways is your first step toward finding your personal spiritual  truth. O'Hara, G 1-56718-341-7 7.95
OP Paganism Today Wiccans, Druids, the Goddess & ancient earth traditions for the 21st century. Harvey, G & Hardman, C 0-7225-3233-4 19.00
pathso01.jpg (24592 bytes) OP Paths of Wisdom Principles & practice of the magical cabala in the Western tradition. John Michael Greer 1-56718-315-8 16.95
OP People of the Earth: The New Pagans Speak Interviews w/ Margot Adler, Starhawk, Susun Weed, Z. Budapest, & many others. Hopman, E & Bond, L 0-89281-559-0 19.95
Pocket Guide to Wicca Wiccan beliefs & practices, festivals, holy days, rites of passage, tools & more. Tuitean & Daniels 0-89594-904-0 6.95
AD Powers of the Psalms Personal prayers & rituals to bring love, blessings, protection, power & prosperity into your life. Riva, A 0-9438-3207-1 4.95
OP The Practice of Witchcraft Rituals, celebrations, festivals, spellcrafting, basic beliefs of witchcraft. Skelton, R 0-88878-289-6 16.95
The Practice of Witchcraft Today An intro. to beliefs & rituals. Skelton, R 0-8065-1674-7 12.00
AD Prayer Book Meditations, devotioins, gems of wisdom, verses, for daily help. Riva, A 0-943-83209-8 4.95
AD Praying With Fire Communicating with Fire Spirits. Dolfyn 0929268121 3.95
OP Principles of Paganism Covers beliefs of magick & nature worship. Crowley, V 1-85538-507-4 11.00
OP Principles of Wicca An intro. guide on Wicca & Witchcraft. Crowley, V 0-7225-3451-5 11.00
psychi04.jpg (24019 bytes) POSI Psychic Pets & Spirit Animals: True Stories from the Files of
A varied collection from the past 50 years of the real-life experiences of ordinary people with creatures great and small. FATE Magazine 051720780X 8.95
Ray Buckland's Magic Cauldron  A potpourri of matters metaphysical. Buckland, R 1-880090-13-9 12.95
The Real World of Fairies The magickal & mysterious world of fairies. KUNZ, D 0-8356-0779-8 14.00
Ritual - Power, Healing & Community Explores the essential role of ritual in maintaining community & ways of ritual. Some, M 0-14-019558-0 12.95
Ritual Body Art Drawing the Spirit. Arnold, C 0-919345-74-3 14.95
sabbat01.jpg (17904 bytes) The Sabbats This  practical guide to Pagan solar festivals does more than teach you about the "old ways"-you will learn workable ideas for combining old customs with new expressions of those beliefs that will be congruent with your lifestyle and tradition. McCoy, E 1-56718-663-7 17.95
sacred03.jpg (31773 bytes) POSI Sacred Mask Sacred Dance This bold, new concept in ritual enables direct communion between the sacred dancer and these gods. Evan John Jones, Chas S. Clifton 1-56718-373-5 19.95
CF The Sacred Tree Kindred, G XXX07 8.95
santer01.jpg (17640 bytes) Santeria: the Religion: Faith, Rites, Magic When the Yoruba of West Africa were brought to Cuba as slaves, they preserved their religious heritage by disguising their gods as Catholic saints & wor- shiping them in secret.  The resulting religion is Santerķa, a blend of primitive magic & Catholicism now practiced by an estimated five million Hispanic Americans. Migene Gonzalez-Wippler 1-56718-329-8  16.95
sarava01.jpg (27462 bytes) OP Sarava! Afro-Brazilian magick. Dow, C. 1-56718-235-6 14.95
scotti01.jpg (22396 bytes) Scottish Witchcraft Explores "PectiWita," or the craft of the Picts, the mysterious early Keltic people. The Scottish PectiWita tradition differs in many ways from the Wicca of England- there is little emphasis on the worship of the gods (though it is there), but more on the living & blending of magick into everyday life. Buckland, R 0-87542-057-5 11.95
OP Seasonal Dance  How to celebrate the Pagan year. Broch & MacLer 0-87728-774-0 11.95
Seasons of the Sun Celebrations from the world's spiritual traditions. Telesco, P 0-87727-872-0 15.95
Secrets of a Witch's Coven Complete course of initiation into the first degree of Wicca. Morwyn 0-914918-80-X 19.95
Secrets of Modern Witchcraft Revealed Unlocking the mysteries of the magickal arts. Lady Sabrina 0-8065-2017-5 12.95
selfin01.jpg (21112 bytes) OP Self-Initiation Into the Golden Dawn Tradition A complete cirriculum of study for both the solitary magician & the working magical group. Chic & Sandra Tabatha Cicero 1-56718-136-8 29.95
sexmag01.jpg (12768 bytes) OP Sex, Magic, and Spirit: Enlightenment Through Ecstacy The first book to discuss the sexual mysteries of Western culture in a way that is relevant to modern times. Bonnie Johnston, Peter Schueman 1-56718-378-6 17.95
silver01.jpg (30714 bytes) OP The Silver Wheel Women's myths and mysteries in the Celtic tradition. Elsbeth, M & Johnson, K 1-56718-371-9 14.95
Silver's Spells For Prosperity An abundance of spells can aid you in every- thing from winning a court case to getting creditors off your back.

Ravenwolf, S 1-56718-726-9 8.95
spellc01.jpg (28325 bytes) Spell Crafts Creating magical objects. Cunningham, Harrington 0-897542-185-7 12.95
Spellcraft A handbook of invocations, blessings, protections, healing spells, love spells, binding & bidding. Skelton, R 0-919345-21-2 11.50
Spellcraft - A Primer For the Young Mag. Beginners book of magickal wisdom. McLelland, L 1-57353-115-4 9.95
OP Spellbound Glisic, H 0-207-18641-3 12.00
AD Spellcraft, Hexcraft and Witchcraft Handbook of enchantments. Riva, A 0-9438-3200-4 4.95
Spells and How They Work Discusses the principles underlying all spells & explains the 3 elements of spellworking. Farrar, J & S 0-919345-63-8 9.95
POSI Spinning Spells, Weaving Wonders Modern magick for everyday life. Telesco, P 0-89594-803-6 14.95
The Spiral Dance A rebirth of the ancient religion of the Great Goddess. Starhawk 0-06-250814-8 17.00
Summoning Forth Wiccan Gods and Goddesses The magick of invocation & evocation. Vordebrueggen 0-8065-2039-6 12.00
toligh01.jpg (21448 bytes) To Light A Sacred Flame The third in the "New Generation WitchCraft" series, guides to magic- kal practices based on the personal experi- ences & successes of a third-degree working Witch. Ravenwolf, S 1-56718-721-8 14.95
toride01.jpg (20543 bytes) To Ride a Silver Broomstick It is ideal for anyone: male or female, young or old, those familiar with Witchcraft, & those totally new to the subject and unsure of how to get started. Speaks to those people, presenting them with both the science and religion of Witchcraft, allowing them to become active partici- pants while growing at their own pace.  RavenWolf, S 0-87542-791-X 14.95
tostir01.jpg (18710 bytes) To Stir A Magick Cauldron Silver provides explana- tions, techniques, exercises, anecdotes, & guidance on traditional and modern aspects of the Craft, both as a science & as a religion. RavenWolf, S 1-56718-424-3 14.95
summon01.jpg (19359 bytes) Summoning Spirits: The Art of
Magical Evocation
A complete training manual, written by a practicing magician. This book makes performing evocations easy to do, even if you've never performed a magical ritual before. Konstantinos 1-56718-381-6 14.95
sunlor01.jpg (22748 bytes) OP Sun Lore: Myths and Folklore from Around the World Tales of simplicity and glory ... death and life ... compassion and devastation-there is little that has not been within the reaches of the Sun. Gwydion O'Hara 1-56718-343-3 9.95
tealea02.jpg (15490 bytes) OP Tea Leaf Reading: formely Secrets of Tea Leaf Reading Fun, lighthearted, and requiring very little discipline, tea leaf reading asks only of its practitioners an open mind & a spirit of adventure. William Hewitt 1-56718-391-3 7.95
POS The Tree Complete book of Saxon Witchcraft. Buckland, R 0-87728-258-7 9.95
CF True Hearth A practical gde. to traditional householding. Chisholm, J 1-885972-03-2 12.95
taritu01.jpg (18689 bytes) AD The Truth About Ritual Magic The Truth About Ritual Magic was written by a practicing magus to be your gateway to under- standing a powerful & once-secret art. Tyson, D 0-87542-830-4 2.99
The Truth About  Witchcraft Today Learn how magick works, spells, rituals, & more. Cunningham, S 0-87542-127-X 4.99
OP Turning of the Wheel A Wiccan book of shadows for moons & festivals. Modrzyk, S 0-87728-767-8 12.95
West Country Wicca A journal of the old religion. Ryall, R 0-919345-98-0 8.95
wester01.jpg (24755 bytes) OP Western Mandalas of Transformation Magical Squares - Tattwas - Quabalistic Talismans Soror A.L. 1-56718-170-8 17.95
What Witches Do An excellent look at contemporary witchcraft & religion. Farrar, S 0-919345-17-4 11.50
OP Wheel of the Year Moorey & Brideson 0-340-68386-4 17.95
POSI When Santa Was A Shaman The history of Santa Claus. van Renterghem 1-56718-765-X 16.95
AD When, Why...If Instruction book for those entering the Pagan & Wiccan community. Wood, R 0-9652984-0-X 12.95
whispe01.jpg (21957 bytes) OP Whispers of the Moon The life & work of Scott Cunningham Harrington, D & Regula, deTraci 1-56718-559-2 15.00
Who Speaks For the Witch Explores the roots of witchcraft & Wicca. Frost, G & Y 0963065734 5.00
wicca01.jpg (22513 bytes) Wicca, A Guide For the Solitary Practitioner Wicca is a book of life, and how to live magically, spiritually, & wholly attu- ned with Nature. It's a book of sense & common sense, not only about Magick, but about religion and one of the most critical issues of today: how to achieve the much needed & wholesome relationship with our
Cunningham, S 0-87542-118-0 9.95
OP Wicca - The Old Religion in the New Age Covers Wicca as a religion, the misunderstood concepts of black & white magic, magick, initiations & more. Crowley, V 0-7225-3271-7 16.00
Wicca Covens How to start and organize your own. Harrow, J 0-8065-2035-3 12.95
Wicca For Men A handbook for male Pagans seeking a spiritual path. Drew, A.J. 0-8065-2023-X 12.95
POSI The Wicca Source Book A complete gde. for the modern Witch. Dunwich, G 0-8065-1830-8 14.95
Wiccacraft For Families Complete handbook covering all aspects of Wicca, for family use. McArthur, M 0-919345-52-2 16.95
The Wiccan Book of Ceremonies and Rituals Discusses the history & folklore surrounding each ritual or ceremony & magickal practices. Telesco, P 0-8065-2031-0 12.95
Wiccan Magick A serious & complete study for those who desire to understand the inner meanings, techniques & symbol-
ism of magick as an occult art.
Grimassi, R 1-56718-255-0 12.95
witchc05.jpg (21802 bytes) OP Witchcraft and the Shamanic Journey Pagan Folkways from the Burning Times. Ken Johnson 1-56718-379-4 14.95
wiccan01.jpg (13166 bytes) The Wiccan Mysteries Learn the inner meanings of Wiccan rites, beliefs & practices  & discover the time- proven concepts that created, maintained and carried Wiccan beliefs up into this modern era. Grimassi, R 1-59718-254-2 14.95
POSI The Wiccan Path A gde. for the solitary practitioner. Beth, R 0-89594-744-7 12.95
OP Wisdom of the Elements The sacred wheel of earth, air, fire & water. McArthur, M 0-89594-936-9 16.95
Wise Women of the Dreamtime Parker, K & Lambert, J 0-89281-477-2 12.95
A Wisewoman's Guide To Spells, Rituals, & Goddess Lore Rituals & spells, magickal lore, women's mysteries. Brooke, E 0-89594-779-X 12.95
A Witch Alone Thirteen moons to master natural magick. Green, M 1-85538-112-5 16.00
Witch Words A mystickal, magickal, inspirational book for Wiccans by Wiccans celebrating the first 100 issues of Survival Magazine from the Church & School of Wicca. Frost, G & Y 0-9630657-5-0 10.95
POSI A Witch's Book of Days Explores rituals, folklore & myths surrounding the pre-Christian Pagan calendar. Kozocari, J 0-88878-348-5 15.95
witchs01.jpg (26396 bytes) OP A Witch's Book of Divination Underhill, C 1-56718-054-X 14.95
OP A Witch's Brew Details the history, lore & uses of scents. Telesco, P 1-56718-708-0 16.95
A Witch's Circle Simms, M 1-56718-657-2 19.95
Witch's Dozen Includes 13 occult stories. Farrar, S 0-9630657-7-7 19.95
CF A Good Witch's Guide To Life  A gde. into the world of Wicca. Frost, G & Y 1-889537-00-4 6.95
OP Witchcraft - A Beginner's Guide Discusses magick, witches & Wiccan beliefs, rituals, more. Moorey, T 0-340-67014-2 11.95
witchc01.jpg (17499 bytes) Witchcraft From the Inside Respected authority Ray Buckland gives you the insider's view of historical & modern Witchcraft-how covens are formed & structured the various branches of Wicca, rituals, sabbats & esbats & magic. Inc.  new material on teens & Wicca, feminist Wicca plus never before   published photos of Gerald Gardner.

Raymond Buckland 1-56718-101-5 12.95
Witchcraft For Tomorrow Comprehensive presentation of the craft of the wise. Valiente, D 0-919345-83-2 12.50
OP Witchcraft Today, Book One Brings together the writings of nine well- known Neopagans who give a cross-section of the beliefs & practices of this diverse and fascinating religion.

Clifton, Chas S 0-87542-377-9 9.95
OP Witchcraft Today, Book Two At most, the reader is seen as a member of a coven or other group made up of adults. This collection of writings, however, takes a wider view with the long-term goal of presenting a living Pagan culture.

Clifton, Chas S 0-87542-378-7 9.95
witchc04.jpg (17025 bytes) OP Witchcraft Today, Book Three: Witchcraft & Shamanism This book is a com- pelling & honest examination of shamanic  techniques (both classical & neo-) as they are being practiced in Neopagan Witchcraft in the 1990s. Clifton, Chas S 1-56718-150-3 9.95
CF Witchcraft: Yesterday & Today (VIDEO) This is a video by recognized Witchcraft authority Raymond Buckland, whose purpose is to straighten out the popular  mis- conceptions about the Wiccan religion. Buckland, R 0-87542-089-3 29.95
OP Witchcraft: A Tradition Renewed  Revals the ancient rituals & philosophy of witchcraft. Valiente & Jones 0-919345-61-1 10.95
Witches An encyclopedia of Paganism & magick. Jordan, M 1-85626-305-3 19.95
A Witches Bible The complete Witches' handbook. Farrar, J & S 0-919345-92-1 23.95
The Witch's Circle Contains complete rituals-based closely on astrological symbolism for 1 full year of Esbats & Sabbats, plus rituals for special occasions such as weddings, funerals, blessing and naming children. For astrologer to  bring the energy of planetary cycles into a personal experience, the rituals are beautifully con- structed & easy to follow.

Simms, M 1-56718-657-2 19.95
A Witch's Guide To Faery Folk Even among believers in faeries, the active role of these astral-world creatures in ritual and magical workings has been virtually elimi- nated. Discusses the existence of the astral plane, the personality of various faery types and faery mythology. McCoy, E 0-87542-733-2 14.95
AD The Witches Broomstick Manual  Nomolos, Y 0-9438-3210-1 4.00
The Witches Qabalah The Pagan path & the Tree of Life. Reed, E 0-87728-880-1 14.95
The Witches Tarot, The Witches Qabala Bk2 A continuation of the author's 1st book. ..learn the symbols & how they work & their relationship to the paths & to the Craft. Reed, E 0-87542-668-9 12.95
The Witches' God Explores a multitude of God concepts & provides ritual & personal guidance. Farrar, J & S 0-919345-47-6 22.95
The Witches' Goddess An in-depth exploration of the Goddess. Farrar, J & S 0-919345-91-3 22.95
The Witches' Way Principles, rituals & beliefs of modern witchcraft. Farrar, J & S 0-919345-71-9 27.95
OP Witta The beauty & simplicity which is paganism may never be more evident than in Witta. The Old Religion of Ireland was born of simplicity, of a people who loved their rugged, green Earth Mother and sought to worship her through the resources she provided. McCoy, E 0-87542-732-4 12.95
OP The Women's Spirituality Book Stein, D 0-87542-761-8 12.95

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