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OP The Book of Crystal Healing Illus. book combines healing, science & history, giving in depth treatments for crystals for healing & self development. Simpson, L. 0-8069-0417-8 12.95
Color and Crystals  A journey through the chakras. Gardner, J 0-89594-258-5 14.95
Crystal Awareness Teaches you everything you need to know to begin working with crystals. Bowman, C 0-87542-058-3 3.95
POS The Crystal Ball t.The history of the crystal ball, instructions on using it, how to read & interpret. Ferguson, S 0-87728-483-0 2.95
Crystal Ball Gazing The complete guide to choosing & reading your crystal ball. Silbey, U 0-684-83644-0 11.00
Crystal Balls & Crystal Bowls How to read & use for divination. Andrews, T 1-56718-026-4 12.95
CF Crystal Connection Finding your soulmate. Dolfyn XXXX20 3.95
OP Crystal Enlightenment A comprehensive guide to the use of crystals & gems for healing, growth, & balance. Raphaell, K 0-943358-27-2 10.95
OP Crystal Healing  The therapeutic application of crystals & stones. Raphaell, K 0-943358-30-2 16.95
POS Crystal Medicine How to use crystals to restore good health & well being into your life. Elsbeth, M 1-56718-258-5 17.95
Crystal Personalities A quick reference to special forms of quartz. Troyer, P 1-885975-00-7 17.95
Crystal Power, Crystal Healing The complete handbook. Gienger, M. 0-7137-2677-6 24.95
Crystal Visions  Inc. color photographs of each healing stone.  A great book for those who love crystals!! Veasey, R 0-924608-15-3 16.95
Cunninghams Encylopedia Crystal, Gem & Metal Magic  The spiritual powers of crystals, gems & metals, with illustrations.  Great book!! Cunningham, S 0-87542-126-1 14.95
OP The Crystalline Transmission Discusses the 12 chakra system and the synthesis of light. Raphaell, K 0-943358-33-7 18.95
OP Crystals & Gemstones of the 7 Rays Learn the use of crystals & gemstones as they pertain to the 7 rays that are bringing about a higher spiritual order to this planet. Stewart, C. 0-938294-69-5 5.95
Crystals and Gemstones Intro. to the properties & uses of specific stones, crystals & gems. Kaplan, M 0-961-58753-9 7.95
OP Gems & Crystals For Beginners How to choose, use & cleanse your stones.   Arcarti, K 0-340-60883-8 11.95
The Healing Powers of Gemstones Used in tantra, ayurveda & astrology. Johari, H 0-89281-608-2 14.95
POS Healing the Heart  Opening & healing the heart w/ crystals & gemstones. Chocron, D 0-87728-694-9 8.95
POS Healing With Crystals and Gemstones Complete guide on their uses for emotional & physical healing. Chocron, D 0-87728-646-9 11.00
Healing With Gemstones and Crystals  Complete guide to healing the body, mind & spirit. Stein, D 0-89594-831-1 14.95
NA The Magic of the Crystals Instructions on the uses of stones & their magickal uses.  Bostrom, F 1-886708-00-2 14.95
Pocket Guide To Crystals & Gemstones Covers crystal & gemstone basics, choosing them, care & uses. Knight, S. 0-89594-947-4 6.95
CF Six Lessons In Crystal Gazing  A complete course of instruction for the beginner. Mayne, R 0-943832-18-7 2.95
OP Spiritual Value of Gemstones Describes the spiritual, healing & energy qualities in all major gems & minerals. Richardson/Huett 0-87516-383-1 8.95