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Color and Personality  Explains the aura, effects of color, personality & character analysis using color & more. Kargere, A 0-87728-478-4 12.95
OP Color Therapy Ways you can choose color to influence body, mind & spirit. Amber, R 0-943358-04-3 16.00
CF Colour Energy Discover which of the 7 color personalities you are, incorporate colors into your life. Naess, I 0-9680804-0-5 29.95
AD Color Me Healing A new medicine of light. Allanach, J. 1-86204-143-1 15.95
POS Healing Power of Color Using color to improve your mental, physical, & spiritual well-being. Wood, B 0-89281-400-4 10.95
How To Heal With Color Learn the healing processes on all levels with simple color therapies. Andews, T 0-87542-005-2 4.99
OP Principles of Colour Healing Explains what color healing is & how it works. Wauters, A & Thompson 0-7225-3340-3 11.00
Zolar's Magick of Color  Use the power of color to transform your luck, prosperity or romance. Zolar  0-671-76854-9 11.00

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