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The ABC's of Chakra Therapy: A Workbook A practical, user-friendly workbook that leads readers on a journey of self-healing & transformation through the exploration of chakras. Diemer, D 1-57863-021-5 12.95
CF Chakra Balancing Kit Chakra measurement, chakra healing, healing with crystals.  Includes a chakra info. booklet, healing meditation tape, chakra color wheel for chakra balancing & a pendulum for chakra measurement. Lambert, W 0-9681249-0-9 21.95
Chakra Breathing A guide to self-healing, this book is meant to help us activate & harmonize the energy centers of the subtle body. Sieczka, H 0-940795-11-6 10.95
OP Chakra Energy Massage  Spiritual evolution into the subconscious through activation of the energy points of the feet. Uhl, M 0-941524-83-3 9.95
The Chakra Handbook From basic understanding to practical application. Sharamon/Baginski 0-941524-85-X 14.95
POS Chakra Therapy A practical guide for personal growth & healing. Sherwood, K 0-87542-721-9 9.95
OP Chakras, Energy Centers of Transformation Introduces the classical principles of the chakras as well as their practical appli- cations for today.   Johari, H 0-89281-054-8 14.95
The Chakras and Esoteric Healing  Examines the relationships between chakras, state of consciousness & more! Lansdowne, Z 0-87728-584-5 8.95
Chakras and Their Archetypes Uniting energy awareness & spiritual growth. Wauters, A 0-89594-891-5 16.95
OP Chakras For Beginners Provides clear & simple guidelines for beginners.  Includes a range of exer- cises for working chakras. Ozaniec, N 0-340-62082-X 11.95
POSI Chakras, Yoga & Consciousness Balancing your life.   Discusses kundalini energy, & how to master the senses. Bohm, W 1-57863-041-X 12.95
POSI Energy Ecstasy and Your Seven Vital Chakras A beautiful book about human energy with exer- cises for increasing creativity, health & spiritual well-being. Gunter, B 0-87877-066-6 14.95
Healing With Chakra Energy  Restoring the natural harmony of the body. Bek/Pullar 0-89281-513-2 10.95
POSI Healing With the Energy of the Chakras The author presents a self-help program intended to give you guidelines   which to explore & under- stand this energy system. Wauters, A 0-89594-906-7 14.95
OP In Search of the Miraculous Chakras, kundalini & the seven bodies. Osho 0-85207-303-8 17.95
OP The Kundalini Experience This classic work docu- ments numerous case studies to demystify the process. Sanella, L 0-941255-29-8 12.95
New Chakra Healing  Covers the various energy systems, incorporating practical exercises & meditations. Discusses auras, rays, kundalini, mana energy, karma, dharma, & energetic connections. Dale, C 1-56718-200-3 17.95
Opening To Spirit Contacting the healing power of the chakras & honouring African spirituality. Arewa, C 0-7225-3726-3 19.95
POS Pocket Guide To Chakras Quick reference guide teaches you what chakras are, where they are, how they function, what causes them to open & close, & how their energy can be changed. Gardner-Gordon, J 0-89594-949-0 6.95
The Seven Rays Made Visual  An illustrated introduction to the teachings on the 7 rays of Djwhal Khul & Alice Bailey. Burmester, H 0-87516-563-X 14.95
Wheels of Life  A user's guide to the chakra system. Judith, A 0-87542-320-5 17.95
Wheels of Light  Chakras, auras, and the healing energy of the body. Bruyere, R 0-671-79624-0 14.00
Working With Your Chakras  A physical, emotional, and spiritual approach. White, R 0-87728-813-5 11.00
Your Personality, Your Health Connecting personality with the human energy system, chakras, and wellness. Ritberger, C 1-56170-538-1 12.95

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