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irishbos.bmp (212598 bytes) An Irish Book of Shadows Learn the Tradition of the Tuatha De Danann & various aspects of the Celtic way. Katharine Clark 1-880090-99-6 16.95
Anam Cara A book of Celtic wisdom. O'Donohue, J 0-06-092943-X 13.00
OP Arthurian Myth & Legend An A-Z reference book of people & places. Dixon-Kennedy 0-7137-2703-9 16.95
OP arthur01.jpg (19939 bytes) Arthurian Quest Living the Legends of Camelot.  The Arthurian Quest reveals how you can use the legends of Arthur, Merlin, & Camelot as a catalyst for personal evolution & empowerment Wolfe, A 1-56718-806-0 24.95
Be A Goddess! A guide to Celtic spells & wisdom for self-healing, prosperity DeGrandis, F 0-06-251505-5 14.00
The Book of Druidry History, sites & wisdom. Nichols, R 0-85538-167-2 19.00
By Oak, Ash & Thorn Modern Celtic shamansim. Conway, D.J. 1-56718-166-X 12.95
The Celtic Book of the Dead A guide for your voyage to the Celtic otherworld.  Includes 42 illustrated cards for journeyworking. Matthews, C 0-312-07241-4 27.95
OP The Celtic Cross An illustrated history & celebration. Pennick, N 0-7137-2758-6 16.95
Celtic Gods Celtic Goddesses Mythology, magic & religion of the Celts. DAVIS/GRAY 0-7137-2113-8 16.95
Celtic Legends of the Beyond A Celtic Book of  the Dead.  A facinating look at the Celtic cultures. Bryce, D 1-57863-122-X 9.95
OP celtic04.jpg (18304 bytes) Celtic Lunar Zodiac Paterson offers you a treasure trove of insights into Celtic mythology, herbal lore and Druidic mystery tradition. Paterson 1-56718-510-X 17.95
OP Celtic Gods Celtic Goddesses Mythology, magic & religion of the Celts. STEWART,RJ 0713721080 24.95
celtic01.jpg (21482 bytes) Celtic Magic Celtic Magic is for the reader who is either a beginner or intermediate in the field of magic. Conway 0-87542-136-9 4.99
OP Celtic Mandalas Book provides meditative subjects & sources for Celtic symbolism, astrology, & their archetypal gods and goddesses. Davis, C & Paterson, H 0-7137-2375-0 16.95
Celtic Myth &   Legend Poetry and Romance.  A comprehensive study of Celtic mythology, legend & poetry. Squire, C 0-87877-030-5 12.95
OP Celtic Mythology  History, Legends and Deities. Holleston, T.W. 0-87877-241-3 18.95
TOS The Celtic Shaman A handbook of varied & practical info. for those interested in Celtic myth. & the Western mysteries. Matthews, J 1-85230-245-3 14.95
The Celtic Spirit Daily meditations for the turning year. Matthews, C 0-06-251538-1 14.00
Celtic Tree Magic Describes how each of the 20 characters of the Celtic tree alphabet represents a particular tree & their relationship. Pepper, E XXX01 6.95
celtic03.jpg (22192 bytes) Celtic Tree Mysteries Revives the ancient knowledge and lore of the trees with a practical system of magical ritual and divination. Blamires, S 1-56718-070-1 14.95
celtic06.jpg (24815 bytes) Celtic Women's Spirituality This book shows how you can successfully create a personalized pathway linking two important aspects of the self-the feminine & the hereditary (or adopted) Celtic-and as a result become a whole, powerful woman, awake to the new realities previously untapped by your subconscious mind. McCoy, E 1-56718-672-6 16.95
A Circle of Stones Journeys & meditations for modern Celts. Laurie, E 1-57353-106-5 9.95
Dictionary of Celtic Mythology  An A-Z reference guide to the gods & goddesses, heroes & heroines, and more! Ellis, P 0-19-508961-8 12.95
OP The Druid Renaissance  The voice of Druidry today.  Fresh info. on every aspect of the rebirth of the Earth-centered, eco-spiritual tradition. Carr-Gomm, P 1-85538-480-9 21.00
TOS The Druid Way  Takes us on a journey thru the sacred landscape of southern Britain, & teaches us about Druidry as a living tradition. Carr-Gomm, P 1-85230-365-4 15.95
The Druids Celtic priests of nature. Markale, J 0-89281-703-8 16.95
TOS earthlight.jpg (27482 bytes) Earth Light  Rediscovering the wisdom of Celtic & Faery lore. This book explores the practical implications of the ancient faery tradition for modern awareness, and for humanity in a threatened environment. Not pretty little faeries of fantasy, but a coherent & deep flow of conscious- ness & imagery rooted in ancestral spiritual trads. . Stewart, R.J. 1-85230-243-7 15.95
elemen01.jpg (25698 bytes) Elemental Power Elemental Power provides a progressive, structured system for exploring and understanding the elemental power of Celtic Craft & the archetypes of Nature. Consistently stressing the applicability for personal use in modern times, Elemental Power is a terrific spring- board to self empower- ment, self-development, and  self-awareness. Wolfe, A 1-56718-807-9 14.95
TOS The Elements of Druid Tradition  The history of the Druids to the present day & gives practical exercises in Druidic ritual & meditation. Carr-Gomm, P 1-85230-202-X 9.95
TOS The Elements of the Celtic Tradition This intro. traces the tradition from early times thru to the contemporary Celtic revival. Matthews, C 1-85230-075-2 9.95
glamor01.jpg (20848 bytes) Glamoury Magic of the Celtic Greenworld. Blamires 1-56718-069-8 16.95
The Grail The Celtic origins of the sacred icon. Markale, J 0-89281-714-3 14.95
OP grailc01.jpg (27542 bytes) The Grail Castle Male Myths & Mysteries in the Celtic Tradition.  Johnson & Elsbeth 1-56718-369-7 14.95
OP handbo01.jpg (18685 bytes) Handbook of Celtic Astrology The 13-Sign Lunar Zodiac of the Ancient Druids.  Solar-oriented astrology has dominated Western astrological thought for centuries, but lunar-based Celtic astrology provides the "Yin" principle that has been neglected in the West. Paterson, H 1-56718-509-6 15.00
OP The History and Origins of Druidism Spence describes their priesthood & priests' functions, their theology & ritual, places of worship, & their magickal system. Spence, L 0-87877-196-4 12.95
Irish Cures, Mystic Charms & Superstitions Hundreds of ancient Irish cures, spells, homespun proverbs, visionary omens & prophecies.   Step into this magickal, mystickal world of rituals, charms & incantations. Lady Wilde 0-8069-8200-4 7.95
CF Journey of the Bard An excellent intro. to, and guided journey thru Celtic initiatory magic.  Owens, Y 0-9696066-2-1 14.95
Journey To Avalon The final discovery of King Arthur. Barber & Pykitt 1-57863-024-X 19.95
TOS The Little Book of Celtic Blessings This charming collection of blessings, praise, & prayers draws from the full spectrum of the Celtic world. Matthews, C 1-85230-564-9 5.95
CF faerybook.jpg (38943 bytes) The Living World of Faery Revealing the Faery tradition as an aspect of planetary consciousness, an enduring Land-based spiritual resource, R J Stewart describes Second Sight, Distance Contact, and powerful encounters with Faery allies & co-walkers. Stewart, R.J. 0-906362-28-8 19.95
lostbo01.jpg (17146 bytes) The Lost Books of Merlyn Druid Magic from the Age of Arthur. Monroe, D. 1-56718-471-5 14.95
OP The Magic Arts In Celtic Britain Includes an exploration of the Arthurian cult & the mystery of the Grail.  Spence,L 0-87877-233-2 14.95
CF magicaltales.jpg (25185 bytes) Magickal Tales Magical Tales: The Story-Telling Tradition.  Also includes an original essay on the art of story- telling & the relationship between stories & ways of changing consciousness. With this book the reader will learn many ways of working with magical stories, including visuali- zation, meditation, & methods of using story- telling for personal development. Stewart, R.J. 1-892137-02-X 16.95
The Mystery of the Grail Initiation and magic in the quest for the Spirit. Evola, J 0-89281-573-6 14.95
The Mystical Way and the Arthurian Quest Demonstrates how the theme of spiritual development & realization is hidden within quest tales. Bryce, D 0-87728-863-1 9.95
CF New Light on the Ancient Mystery of Glastonbury Historical information. Michell, J 0-906362-14-8 18.95
POS Pocket Guide To Celtic Spirituality This guide offers a comprehensive intro. to the rich religious tradition of the Celts. Knight, S 0-89594-907-5 6.95
Omens, Oghams & Oracles Detailed history & description of the ancient ogham alphabet & its' divinatory aspects. Webster, R 1-56718-800-1 12.95
POS Power of Raven, Wisdom of Serpent Celtic women's spirituality. Jones, N 0-940262-66-5 16.95
TOS power.jpg (29836 bytes) Power Within the Land This book develops the ideas and techniques of UnderWorld Initiation and Earth Light, reaching into deep realms of planetary energy & consciousness.  Includes insights into myth, prophecy, & vision as forgotten but vital aspects of our human awareness relating to the power within the land. Stewart, R.J. 1-892137-00-3 15.95
The Sacred World of the Celts An illustrated guide to Celtic  spirituality & mythology. Pennick, N 0-89281-654-6 28.00
OP The Secret Tradition in Arthurian Legend Shows how the Arthurian legend may be structured into a workable mystery system, comprised of three primary grades of attunement. Knight, G 0-87728-861-5 16.00
OP silver01.jpg (30714 bytes) The Silver Wheel Women's Myths and Mysteries in the
Celtic Tradition.  
Elsbeth/Johnson 1-56718-371-9 14.95
OP Sources of the Grail Matthews has brought together a unique collection of texts & commentaries from the Grail literature. Matthews, J 0-940262-87-8 19.95
POS Symbolism of the Celtic Cross Traces the pagan- Christian link of the symbolism. Bryce, D 0-87728-850-X 9.95
21less01.jpg (27771 bytes) The 21 Lessons of Merlyn A study in Druid magic & lore. This is a complete introductory course in Celtic Druidism, packaged within the framework of 21 authentic and expanded folk story/ lessons that read like a novel. Monroe, D 0-87542-496-1 12.95
tadrui01.jpg (21961 bytes) The Truth About Druids The Druids have been credited as engineers of Stonehenge, as the priests of the Lost Tribes of ancient Israel, and as shamans of pre-Celtic Western Europe. They have been credited with Pythagorean philosophy, Cabala, mysteries of the Goddess, Buddhism, Runes & Wicca. MacCrossan, T. 0-87542-577-1 2.99
CF underworld.jpg (18612 bytes) The UnderWorld Initiation The UnderWorld Initiation: A journey towards psychic transformation. The authentic core of Western mysteries revealed through oral traditions & Celtic myth/ legend. This stimulating &  important study provides evidence for a potent transformative tradition within the esoteric consciousness of the West. Stewart, R.J. 1-892137-03-8 15.95
Walking the Maze The enduring presence of Celtic spirits. Cruden, L 0-89281-623-6 14.95
With Your Spirit Guide's Help The author shares a very personal search for soul history.  This book will inspire you to investigate your own lineage. Sutphen, D 0-87554-627-7 12.98
Women in Celtic Myth Tales of extraordinary women from ancient Celtic tradition. Caldescott, M 0-89281-357-1 12.95

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