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Aura Awareness What your aura says about you. Lindgren & Baltz 0-9652490-5-0 12.95
Aura Energy For Health, Healing & Balance Illustrates how each one of us has the power to see the aura, interpret it, & fine-tune it to promote mental, physical, & spiritual well-being. Slate, J 1-56718-637-8 12.95
HTF Aura Glasses- You Can See Auras! Contains viewing info.  booklet & aura glasses. Lambert, W 0-9681249-1-7 19.95
CF Aura Imaging Photography Seeing the colors of your aura. Fisslinger, J 0-9629352-3-9 12.00
Aura Reading For Beginners Develop your psychic awareness for health & success. Webster, R 1-56718-798-6 7.95
Auras - See Them in Only 60 Seconds! Learn how to see auras for yourself by following 10 easy steps. Webster, R 1-56718-643-2 12.95
POS How To Read the Aura, Practice Psychometry, Telepathy and Clairvoyance The tools & techniques described open the path toward a lifetime of discovery by developing one's higher faculties to enable self-transformation. Butler, W 0-89281-161-7 12.95
How To See and Read the Aura Practical & easy-to-read manual, you will learn to balance your aura each day & exercises to practice alone or with others to build your skills in aura reading & interpretation. Andrews, T 0-87542-013-3 3.95
The Human Aura Discusses the present status of work on the human aura. Kilner, W 0-8065-0545-1 10.95
Living Rainbows Develop your aura sight. Bain, G 0-929385-43-8 14.95
CF Magical Auras The Art of Aura Photography Bernoth-Fissliger, B 0-9629352-8-X 12.95
The Secret is in the Rainbow Intro. to aura reading based on the author's personal experience as a pro! Berger, R 0-87728-638-8 7.95
Thought-Forms Shows us how mental energy manifests itself in different shapes & colors as thought changes. Besant, A & Leadbeater 0-8356-0008-4 13.00
OP Understanding Auras A contemporary overview of the human aura. Ostrom, J 1-85538-292-X 10.00
Your Aura and Your Chakras The owner's manual. McLaren, K 1-57863-047-9 14.95

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