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Adventures Beyond the Body How to experience out-of-body travel. Buhlman, W 0-06-251371-0 15.00
The Art and Practice of Astral Projection Gives all the necessary theory & directions to enter the astral plane, functions, & return with memory available. Ophiel 0-87728-246-3 9.95
cf Astral Odyssey Exploring out-of-body experiences. Eby, C 0-87728-860-7 14.95
op Astral Projection and Psychic Empowerment Techniques for mastering the out-of-body experience. Slate, J 1-56718-636-X 12.95
Astral Projection For Beginners This book shows you how to send your consciousness at will to other places, then bring it back with full knowledge of what you have experienced. McCoy, E 1-56718-625-4 7.95
pos The Astral Projection Kit Includes a 90 min. cassette tape, the book "The Llewellyn Practical Guide To Astral Projection", & a meditation card with instructions to serve as your doorway to the astral planes. Denning/Phillips 0-87542-199-7 24.95
The Astral Projection Workbook How to achieve out-of-body experiences through step-by-step instructions. Brennan, J.H. 0-8069-7306-4 14.95
Astral Travel Your Guide to the Secrets Frost, G & Y 0-87728-336-2 12.95
Astral Travel For Beginners Transcend time & space with out-of-body experi- ences.  Step-by-step instructions. Webster, R 1-56718-796-X 9.95
Astral Voyages Mastering the art of soul travel.  Includes more than 65 exercises. Goldberg, B 1-56718-308-5 12.95
pos Have An Out-Of-Body Exp. in 30 Days Learn how to have out-of-body experiences with these easy-to-follow, day-by-day instructions. Harary/Weintraud 0-312-03355-9 8.95
op Leaving the Body 9 proven methods for inducing out-of-body travel. Includes the Monroe techniques, guided imagery & visualization. Rogo, D 0-13-528026-5 10.00
op The Projection of the Astral Body Contains instructions of the specific methods for bringing about the projec- tion of the astral body. Muldoon/Carrington 0-87728-069-X 12.95

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