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Advanced Aromatherapy The science of essential oil therapy. Schnaubelt, K 0-89281-743-7 16.95
Advanced Bach Flower Therapy A scientific approach to diagnosis & treatment. Blome, G 0-89281-828-X 19.95
HTF Amazonian Gem & Orchid Essences Book describes in detail each of the gem & orchid essences of the Amazonian rainforests. Korte, A 1-899171-91-6 16.95
Aromatherapy To heal and tend the body. Learn the use of aromatic oils to soothe both physical & psychic disorders.  Tisserand, R 0-941524-42-6 10.95
POS Aromatherapy A-Z This A-Z guide gives you the essential oil combinations that are most beneficial for treating a variety of illnesses & physical problems naturally. Higley & Leatham 1-56170-489-X 17.95
Aromatherapy Blends and Remedies Over 800 recipies for everyday use. Watson, F 0-7225-3222-9 17.00
The Aromatherapy Book Applications & inhalations. Rose, J 1-55643-073-6 18.95
Aromatherapy For Women  A practical guide to essential oils for health & beauty. Tisserand, M 0-89281-628-7 8.95
The Aromatherapy Handbook The secret healing power of essential oils. Ryman, D 0-85207-215-5 11.95
Aromatherapy Made Easy Simple step-by-step guide to using essential oils. Wildwood, C 0-7225-3452-3 8.00
OP Aromatherapy Workbook Explains everything from the history of aromatics to the types & uses of essential oils, & includes easy-to-follow instructions for extracting essential oils at home. Lavabre, M 0-89281-644-9 16.95
Aromatherapy: An A-Z Covers 200 conditions & 74 essential oils. Davis, P 0-85207-295-3 19.95
Art of Aromatherapy The healing & beautifying properties of the essential oils of flowers & herbs. Tisserand, R 0-89281-001-7 12.95
Aura-Soma Healing through color, plants, & crystal energy. Dalichow/Booth 1-56170-291-9 13.95
The Bach Flower Therapy Theory & practice. Scheffer, M 0-89281-239-7 12.95
The Complete Book of Essential Oils & Aromatherapy A practical & easy to under- stand book of remedies, techniques, & applications.  Worwood, V 0-931432-82-0 19.95
The Complete Illustrated Guide to Aromatherapy A practical approach to the use of essential oils for health & well-being. Lawless, J 0007131089 24.95
The Directory of Essential Oils Complete descriptions, history, precautions, properties, glossary & blend charts. Sellar, W 0-85207-239-2 17.95
The Encyclopedia of Aromatherapy Includes reference charts & instructions for making your own products. Wildwood, C 0-89281-638-4 24.95
The Essential Flower Essence Handbook Remedies for inner well-being. Devi, L 1-56170-511-X 13.95
Flower Essences & Vibrational Healing 108 new flower essences are studied: how they work, uses, preparation, storage & protection, bath therapies, diagnostics, homeopathy, herbs, gems, etc. Gurudas 0-945946-04-X 14.95
POS The Fragrant Mind Aromatherapy for personality, mind, mood & emotion. Worwood, V 1-880032-91-0 19.95
The Healing Bath Using essential oil therapy to balance body energy. Austin, M 0-89281-632-5 12.95
POS The Healing Herbs of Edward Bach An illustrated guide to the flower remedies. Barnard, J & M 1-85398-086-2 19.95
The Healing Power of Essential Oils Fragrance secrets for everyday use. Balz, R 0-941524-89-2 14.95
The Illustrated Ency. of Essential Oils The complete guide to the use of oils in aromatherapy & herbalism. Lawless, J 1-85230-721-8 24.95
The Magical & Ritual Use of Perfumes Discusses the religious & historical background of various scents & their effects on the physical, mental, emotional, & spiritual aspects of self.  Procedures of perfume blending & formula notation, ritual exercises & meditations, complete study of the oils & essences for self-development & spiritual growth. Miller, R & I 0-89281-210-9 12.95
Magical Aromatherapy The power of scent. Cunningham, S 0-87542-129-6 3.95
OP The Magic of Aromatherapy The use of scent for healing body, mind, & spirit. O'Hara, G 1-56718-348-4 14.95
The Major Flower Remedies A comprehensive guide to over 700 remedies. Garson & Shapiro 1-55643-296-8 19.95
New Bach Flower Body Maps Treatment by topical application. Kramer, D 0-89281-531-0 19.95
New Bach Flower Therapies Healing the emotional & spiritual causes of illness. Kramer, D 0-89281-529-9 12.95
Pocket Guide To Bach Flower Remedies Learn how to select appropriate flower essences & their uses for harmony. Hasnas, R 0-89594-865-6 6.95
Pocket Guide To Aromatherapy Contains a list of the best essential oils for each particular condition, tips on making your own formulas, recipies & more. Keville, K 0-89594-815-X 6.95
POS Veterinary Aromatherapy In this simple, clear & precise book, you can discover the benefits of veterinary aromatherapy & nutrition. Grosjean, N 0-85207-274-0 15.95

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