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Atlantis in Wisconsin New revelations about Lost Sunken City Joseph, F 1-880090-12-0 14.95
CF Earthstars The geometric ground- plan underlying London's ancient sacred sites & its significance for the New Age. Street, C.E. 0-9515967-0-5 21.95
POS Key To The Sacred Pattern The untold story of Rennes-le-Chateau Lincoln, H. 0-312-21484-7 26.95
OP Labyrinths Ancient myths & modern uses. Lonegren, S 0-906362-35-0 22.95
Lost Secrets of the Mystery Schools The coming of the Gods, initiation & rebirth. Chaney, E 0-918936-24-1 15.95
The Lost Treasure of the Knights Templar Solving the Oak Island mystery. Sora, S. 0-89281-710-0 16.95
OP The Mystery of the Crystal Skulls An old Native American legend tells of 13 crystal skulls which are said to hold crucial info. about humankind's true purpose. `Morton & Thomas 1-879181-54-1 22.00
CF The New Ley Hunter's Guide A new version of the classic work on geomancy. Devereaux 0-906362-25-3 14.95
CF The Old Stones At the Land's End Straight lines & megalithic science Michell, J. 0-906362-39-3 18.95
Secrets of Rennes-le-Chateau Offers insight, from buried treasures to unsolved murders, supernatural powers & more. Fanthorpe 0-87728-744-9 21.95
CF Symbolic Landscapes The dreamtime Earth & Avebury's open secrets. Devereux 0-906362-19-9 18.95
The Traveller's Guide to Sacred England A guide to the legends, lore & landscape to England's sacred places. Michell, J. 0-906362-22-9 21.95

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